Silsila Pyaar Ka: Randhir’s past love affair revealed

May 22, 2016

Silsila Pyaar Ka: Raunak (Abhay Vakil) and Kajal (Chhavi Pandey) come to know reason for Janki torturing Randhir for so many years

Janki’s big truth finally gets known to Raunak and Kajal in the current track of Silsila Pyaar Ka. It is already know n that this daily soap is all set to come to an end very soon and the makers are quickly moving to wrap up the track by revealing all the secrets. Raunak turns against Janki after knowing that she wanted to kill Randhir. Raunak decide to leave the house and go away but Janki stops him. Janki tells Kajal that she will reveal her past secret to him within 24 house. Janki leaves the house and lands up at an unknown place where she meets a woman. Janki calls the woman didi and it gets revealed that she is Randhir’s older sister. Janki tells her sister in law to come back home and tells Raunak about the past secret and why she was forced to take the evil actions for Raunak’s sake. The lady returns home and Janki introduces her to Raunak as his Bua. Bua meets Randhir and he immediately recognizes her as his sister and emotionally asks her never to leave again. Janki requests Bua to tells everyone about Randhir’s past. Bua finally reveals that Randhir was in love with another woman despite of being married with Janki and having a son Raunak. Bua also reveals that she and her father liked Janki but Randhir did not like her and eh wanted to give away all his property to his lady love. It will now be seen that Bua will make more shocking revelations about Randhir and Janki’s past and Kajal and Raunak will finally know why Janki kept Randhir away from the family for so many years as a mental patient. Raunak will continue to be angry with Janki but Kajal will convince Raunak to forgive his mother and reunite the entire family.

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