Silsila Pyaar Ka: Raunak and Kajal caught spying on Janki

May 16, 2016

Silsila Pyaar Ka: Raunak (Abhay Vakil) and Kajal (Chhavi Pandey) find no one in Janki’s secret room

Silsila Pyaar Ka shows that Kajal is able to go into the secret room along with Raunak but gets shocked to as there is no one there. Kajal thinks that Janki is hiding a big secret from everyone and is determined to find the truth by getting inside the mysterious room Kajal tricks Janki and gets the keys for the secret room. On the other hand, Raunak is not happy seeing Kajal having a doubt on Janki. Raunak catches Kajal with the keys and is angry with her for getting it without Janki’s permission. Kajal explains Raunak that she wants to know what is Janki hiding in the secret room and Raunak also accompanies her. However, Both Raunak and Kajal get surprised as there is no one in the room and instead it is a well furnished room. Janki reaches there and pretends to be hurt as Raunak and Kajal had doubt on her. Janki tells Raunak and Kajal that it is her husband’s room and that is why she keeps visiting to make sure it is kept in a proper condition. Later, Janki warns Kajal that’s he will get her and Raunak separated if they keep interfering in her matters.

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