SNS: Meera scared with Vidya's outburst over Priyal's adoption

Jul 24, 2016

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Upcoming: Vidya to know Meera's evil actions of sending Priyal to Boarding School, Vidya to threaten Meera

The upcoming episode of popular Star Plus show Saath Nibhana Saathiya will take the sister rivalry drama on another level as Meera (Tanya Sharma) will succeed in her plan of sending Vidya’s (Sonal Lamba) daughter away to Boarding school. Naiya has devised the revenge plan against Meera and Vidya and is using Meera as the pawn against Vidya. Meera comes in Naiya’s words and goes against her sister. However, Vidya will show her furious avatar to Meera in the upcoming episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya. Meera will be shocked and dumbstruck seeing Vidya’s anger and determination to get Priyal back. As seen till now, Naiya had caused Meera’s miscarriage by putting oil on the staircase. However, Naiya gets successful in putting the blame of Meera’s miscarriage on Vidya. As a result Meera turns totally against her own sister Vidya and vows to make Vidya suffer for her child. Meera showers extra love on Vidya and Shravan’s daughter Priyal. With Naiya’s help Meera makes the plan of adopting Priyal without Vidya and Shravan’s knowledge and accordingly executes her plan. Meera cleverly takes Shravan and Vidya’s signatures on Priyal’s adoption papers and makes Priyal her adopted child. In the upcoming episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya, Meera will be seen sending off Priyal to Boarding school and finally this whole drama will come in front of Vidya and Shravan. Vidya will get angry and will question Meera on her actions. Meera will inform Vidya that she has legally adopted Priyal and she is her daughter now. Meera will make Vidya angry by telling her that she has sent away Priyal for Vidya to know the pain of losing a child. Vidya will burst out on Meera and curse her for the betrayal. Meera will laugh at Vidya. This will turn Vidya in to raging woman and she will vow to get Priyal back at any cost. Meera will get shocked and scared to see Vidya’s outburst. Will Vidya get Priyal back or will Naiya play any further trick amid Vidya and Meera. Stay tuned to read more updates on Saath Nibhana Saathiya.

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