SSEL: Suhani to marry Sambhav for Yuvan's happiness

Jun 12, 2016

Suhani Si Ek Ladki Latest News: Suhani to take drastic decision of marrying Sambhav for Yuvan, Yuvraj to be shocked

Major twist is expected to take place in Star Plus show Suhani Si Ek ladki as Sambhav proposes Suhani (Rajshri Rani Pandey) for marriage, and though Suhani loves Yuvraj (Sahil Mehta) Suhani will agree for Sambhav’s proposal. Apparently Suhani will take this drastic decision to marry Sambhav for her son Yuvan’s wish to have his own father.

Suhani’s this decision will come as a shocker to Yuvraj and he will decide to open up his secret of fake marriage with Soumya to Suhani in Suhani Si Ek Ladki.

As seen till now, Soumya uses Suhani’s friend Sambhav as her pawn. Soumya wants to keep Suhani away from Yuvraj to keep her place secure in Birla house. Soumya attempts to win Yuvraj’s heart, but Yuvraj gets more and more drawn to his real love Suhani. Soumya gets irked and then Suhani’s close friend Sambhav enters Birla house.

Soumya starts instigating Sambhav against Yuvraj and Dadi. Soumya informs Sambhav that Suhani is being tortured by Yuvraj and Dadi. Sambhav and Yuvraj get in major argument and Yuvraj gets insecure with Sambhav and Suhani’s friendship. Yuvan too is fond of Sambhav and that irks Yuvraj.

Soumya further instigates Sambhav to express his feelings of love to Suhani. Sambhav tries to neglect Soumya, however, Sambhav soon realizes that he loves Suhani. And Sambhav will be seen following Soumya’s advice of proposing to Suhani.

On the other side Soumya will fill Suhani’s ears too. Soumya will scare Suhani by telling her that Yuvraj may take away Yuvaan by the measures of adoption. Suhani will get worried about losing Yuvan. Suhani will also realize that Yuvan is craving for a father figure and loves Sambhav. And hence for Yuvan’s wish, Suhani will accept Sambhav’s proposal.

Yuvraj will be shocked with the news and will think of informing Suhani about his fake marriage truth.

Let’s see if Suhani really gets married to Sambhav in Suhani Si Ek Ladki.

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