SSEL: Yuvraj aka Sahil Mehta says Goodbye to Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Oct 04 , 2016 | | 32 Comments


Suhani Si Ek Ladki Latest News: Yuvraj aka Sahil Mehta refuses to play older character post 15 years leap in the show, quits SSEL

Star Plus show Suhani Si Ek Ladki is currently going through major off screen drama as most of the actors of Suhani Si Ek Ladki are on quitting spree.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki is heading for major leap of 15 years and many of the cast members are not comfortable with playing older characters. In the recent news we have notified our viewers that Soumya aka Neha Yadav has already quit Suhani Si Ek Ladki and has also shot for her last scene for the show. Now as per the recent news, the main lead of SSEL, Yuvraj aka Sahil Mehta has quit the show. The rumors of Sahil Mehta leaving Suhani Si were going on for quite a few days, however, the makers of Suhani were apparently trying their best to keep Sahil in the show.

The onscreen pair of Suhani (Rajshri Rani Pandey) and Yuvraj is highly popular and Sahil’s exit can hamper the show popularity in negative way. However, Sahil seems to be firm on his stand of not playing the older character and hence has called his contact off with Suhani Si Ek ladki makers. Rajshri Rani Pandey will still be seen in the show post the leap which will take place in Goa with grown up kids of Suhani and Yuvraj.

As per the current track of Suhani Si Ek Ladki, Sambhav will turn completely violent and will try to molest Suhani. Soumya will try to save Suhani and will get killed by Sambhav. This mark the end of Neha Yadav’s character. It is yet unclear as to how the makers will incorporate Sahil’s track end, but it will soon be revealed. The ardent viewers of SSEL and fans of Sahil are surely going to miss Sahil in the show. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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32 thoughts on “SSEL: Yuvraj aka Sahil Mehta says Goodbye to Suhani Si Ek Ladki”

    1. I have to say many things first if any actor want to quit it doesn’t means that you will kill that person to prove that character is dead , bring another one’s who can do the same thing /way.Now suhani si ek ladki is getting very much boring why? Because there is no entertainment people are always crying ,track is full of emotion and tragedy,Dadi has become pardadi then also she cannot adjust with suhani still also she wants suhani should leave the house ,she hate suhani sooooo much that she want yuvraj should marry baby because for suhani only today baby lost his husband, daughter in law is marrying father in-law is it possible,sommaya, -Krishna ‘s mom and dad , sister,sister ‘s husband , their son ,menka-anuj, Sharad,saurav,golu,yuvan and last yuvraj ,menka’s son, where r they?They all left only sayam is there , after few days yuvraj will also go, where is suhani’s mom and dad , replace the character with another person who suit for that character,if you will not do like this then I don’t think people will like ur show or not.

      1. Ssel is totally based on suhani and yuvraj it doesn’t means that they cannot live together with happiness and peace , every time why they will get seperated for others,and one thing is baby is calling her mother in law by her name ,it is ridiculous.ragini,menka, suhani and her sister every one respect their mother in it is going very bad .

  1. Suhani si ek ladki has lost its charm as story has taken weird turn.they should have ended the serial with happy ending of Suhani n Yuvraj staying with kids aftet Sambhav’s death.

  2. Suhani and yuvraj faught so hard to be together, end the series with them reuniting and living happy. It will definately be boring without yuvraj being suhanis hubby.

  3. All serials going the same way. .why can’t they have a happy ending..people are not ready to accept new characters. .it’s pathetic. .

  4. THIS IS PATHETIC! The producers made sambhav kill people as if they are toys nothing happened to him now yuvraj leaving how stupid is that never watching it again

  5. very stupid serial including saath nibhana saathiya and ye mohabbatein, serials all three running in bad way . people expect always happy ending staying husband ,wife and children all together and stay happy.

    people are watching serial for relaxation to release their stress comes their day today life. but by seeing such a stupid serial public will learn how to do more and more crime in what way. better writer should write story in positive way and spread good messages to viewers.

  6. That s true….all serials are only getting us more tense than our real life problems… one loving couple are shown to be together or happy…always huge problems and full of negativity in all the shows…so depressing

  7. True suhaani drama has got bad to worse n so not real, yuvraaj was really nice n he’s gone so drama will be boring I’m afraid acting is all crap never been a happy ending at all yuvraaj n suhaani should of got together and then finished the drama ,and yeh hai mohabbatein got worse so much negativity never having happy ending ,shagun suddenly gone so bad again wth it’s ridiculous very disappointed in it all star plus has gone down hill with daft story lines ,I mean pihu n ruhi thort that was bad but now new character in suhaani is not good carnt cope

    1. Also they have gave us no reason why yuvraaj has left and hardly any cast left weres menaka, bahvana and shaad n yuvraaj brothers suddenly disappeared, and 15 yrs later dhadi looks young n rags still same n suhaani too what’s all that ,and that character who’s a bad guy hope it’s not sambav s n suhaani boy bcoz that will be ridiculous according to yrs then he should only be 15 not 20 n come bk a young man he should be in his teens n but he looks same age as the others yuvaan yuvaani n krishna drama is all messed up

  8. Pls pls we want our Yuvraaj back to show…without yuvraaj suhani is nthing. Sahil bhai pls pls pls come back to the show we miss u a lot…

    1. Yes please bring yuvraaj bk with out him is not complete he’s handsome lovely character, and please DO NOT REPLACE A YUVRAAJ we want sahil bai

    2. I agree, but why Yuvraj couldn’t continue as an father figure?
      Not fair for the fans, who’s been watching SSEL, for years!

  9. I don’t understand why yuvii disagree to act old character. Beside what is wrong with Indian series do you really reflect your country culture and life system or you just think we are crazy man watching unrealist world of your film

  10. Why on earth is dadi looking younger than everyone..the new boy in town can’t be suhanis son..that would b ridiculous. .these dramas go from bad to worse..story is messed up..should be good messages..why has nothing happened to the bad people except for sambhav..what about rags..menkha..and that stinky dadi!!! Lol…

    1. For Gossage please bring yuvraaj bk real yuvraaj, as in sahil please come bk he’s too nice to replace n SSEL is not complete with out him n the story line is so not good at the moment it needs sorting and it’s just dragging to ome thing to another like the story is made up as they going along

  11. All the shows are getting boring, with making children older and killing the older ones. Stories are getting very boring. Why not end story whether happy or sad ending like Pakistani series.
    No one is stopping them to start new serial with new ypung actors.
    About time to think about this. It is getting very boring. Especially, not mentioning what has happened to Yuvraj, whether he is alive or dead.
    Do they really think by keeping this in suspense people are going to watch this series? They are wrong as we are not stupid! Some of the characters just disappear like Yuvraj’s brothers are no where to be seen or their names are not mentioned in the family.

  12. This is ridiculous the show has gone from bad to worse. Yuvraj should have not left show. Suhani and him needed to be reunited after all they went through. What about dadi the monster who put all these events in the first place? How does she get to live the life and get away with everything bad that she did?
    The truth has to come out and she has to be punished. Come on you guys what are you doing??

  13. I’m afraid this drama is absolutely ridiculous how can suhaani have a child from sambav same age as yuvaani n yuvaan when she had 10 yr old children and at that point there was no sign of her having relationship with sambav till she got raped by him ,this is stupid,stupid story line and getting bad to worse and for godsake bring yuvraaj bk and end this drama once and for all,dadi need out and needs to be caught with her evil ways basically no yuvraaj then end drama need to see yuvraaj he’s the best ,rest is boring and silly and the rest of family missing too were are they all carnt cope hope directors and actors actress producers are all reading this PLEASE

  14. I’m so happy juvraj is back in i stopped watching suhani I didn’t like it iv started watching it now yuvraj is back love it thank you to sahil for coming back.

    1. So glad he’s bk ,yuvraaj the best hated every moment of suhaani but now I’m happy just hope there a nice story ahead now ,thanks sahel foe coming bk

  15. So glad to see yuvraaj bk in but again this sambav story line is ridiculous n dhadi behaving really heartless is pathetic, how the hell can sambav sound like yuvraaj n his hight suddenly like yuvraaj soon he puts his face on so stupid nothing is realistic in there nothing it’s like they mking story up as they going a long n no one sees owt wth

  16. I carnt believe yuvraaj has died omg it’s not the same and hope they don’t bring him no has some one else like the guy in saathiya, gopi husband we want the normal good looking handsome yuvraaj so upset they have killed him off

  17. Please yuvraaj stay In SSIL please it’s awful with out you please change your mind on leaving this drama,and it’s really sad to hear sharad is leaving too hope you too reconsider but sahil stay please no drama with out you

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