SSEL: Yuvraj to confess fake marriage truth to Suhani

Jun 09, 2016

Suhani Si Ek Ladki Latest: Soumya's plan of getting Sambhav married to Suhani to backfire, Yuvraj to inform Suhani about his fake marriage with Soumya

Star Plus show Suhani Si Ek Ladki has currently kept the viewers highly intrigued with roller coaster twists that are taking place amid Suhani (Rajshri Rani Pandey) and Yuvraj (Sahil Mehta) with Sambhav’s entry. Soumya (Neha Yadav) is targeting Sambhav for separating Yuvraj and Suhani while Yuvraj is getting annoyed with Sambhav’s existence in Suhani’s life.

Though Soumya is trying to take Suhani out from Suhani – Yuvraj picture using Sambhav as pawn, looks like Soumya’s game will backfire soon. Rather than getting away from Suhani, Yuvraj will be seen getting irked with Sambhav and Suhani’s proximity and will try to get Suhani back in his life. Also Yuvraj will decide to inform Suhani about his fake marriage arrangement with Soumya.

As seen till now, Soumya’s attempts of winning Yuvraj’s heart are gone in vein. Soumya arranges for Yuvraj’s birthday to impress Yuvraj, however, Yuvan and Yuvani make Suhani and Yuvraj dance together, irking Soumya.

Suhani’s close friend Sambhav enters Birla house and Soumya gets an idea to use Sambhav against Suhani and Yuvraj. Soumya keeps instigating Sambhav against Yuvraj and Dadi. Soumya makes Sambhav believe that Suhani is being tortured by Dadi and Yuvra and hence Suhani should stay away from Birla house. Sambhav tries to ignore Soumya initially but falls prey to Soumya’s attempts soon.

On Soumya and Yuvraj’s wedding anniversary Dadi will arrange for a dance party and Soumya will share dance with Yuvraj. Yuvan will force Suhani and Sambhav to dance together. But seeing Suhani and Sambhav dancing together, Yuvraj will start feeling jealous. Moreover Yuvraj will get irked with Yuvan’s closeness with Sambhav.

In the later episode, Soumya will be seen pushing Sambhav to take his friendship with Suhani to the next level. It will be revealed that Sambhav loves Suhani and will decide to confess his love to Suhani. Sambhav will also decide to propose Suhani for marriage. Soumya will get elates with the development, however, Yuvraj will decide to win back Suhani. Yuvraj will think of informing Suhani about his marriage with Soumya being a fake one.

Looks like war will erupt amid Yuvraj and Sambhav for Suhani while Soumya getting burnt in her own plans in Suhani Si Ek Ladki.


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