Swabhimaan: Karan leaves Chauhan House as Sharda gets allergy

Jul 09, 2017

Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan Latest News: Karan blames himself for Sharda's infection

The upcoming episode of popular Colors' serial Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan will bring in a new drama that will revolve around Karan (Samridh Bawa), Naina (Ankita Sharma) and Naina's mother Sharda. Swabhimaan serial has been showing the high voltage drama of Naina's challenge of curing Karan within 15 days. Swabhimaan serial will bring in the drama of Naina and Meghna (Sangeita Chauhan) celebrating the festival of Hariyali Teej in Chauhan House. Nandkishor is seen leaving no opportunity to insult and humiliate Naina as NK wants to throw Naina out of Karan's life forever. Naina gets support from Meghna, Kunal (Sahil Uppal), Nirmala, Karan himself and her mother Sharda. Sharda comes to stay at Chauhan House to help cure Karan with her Ayurvedic Medicines. NK tries to humiliate Sharda once again, however, Sharda is determined on helping Naina to cure Karan. However, there will be a new twist in the upcoming episode of Swabhimaan serial as Sharda will get infected by Karan's allergy. Sharda will have allergy developed on her hands. This will be a big blow for Karan and he will decide to leave the Chauhan House. Sharda will try to pacify Karan and convince him to stay back, however, Karan will remain determined on not staying and will blame himself over Sharda's allergy. Naina will get angry with Karan and will tell him to leave if he wants to. Naina's this attitude will shock Karan and finally, he will decide to stay back in Chauhan House. Naina will be happy to have her plan worked to stop Karan. Will Naina manage to cure Karan's allergy? Stay tuned in for more updates, upcoming twist, future stories and spoilers on Swabhimaan serial.

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