Swabhimaan: Naina vows to prove Karan innocent in Sawri's Molestation case

Aug 14, 2017

Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan Latest News: Naina looks for proofs to expose Sawri's Molestation lies

Colors' popular serial Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan is currently showing the high voltage drama of Karan (Samridh Bawa) and Naina's (Ankita Sharma) wedding, which will soon be stalled by evil and psychopath Sawri (Gulki Joshi). Karan and Naina will face a huge trouble in the upcoming episode of Swabhimaan serial, thanks to Sawri. Sawri is an obsessive lover of Karan and wants to get Karan in her life by hook or by crook. Sawri hates Karan and Naina's togetherness and love and wants to separate Karan and Naina at any cost. Sawri tries getting close to Karan and even develops a friendship with Karan. Sawri succeeds to an extent to create a misunderstanding in Karan and Naina. However, Naina is aware of Sawri's motive towards Karan and hence keeps failing Sawri's plan. Sawri gets desperate as Karan and Naina's wedding day arrives and to stop the wedding, Sawri files a police complaint against Karan of her molestation. Police come to Karan and Naina's wedding and stall it. While Chauhan family is shocked with the complaint and charges against Karan, Police arrest Karan. Naina knows that this whole trap has been weaved by Sawri and hence Naina decides to expose Sawri to prove Karan innocent. In the upcoming episode of Swabhimaan serial, Naina will be determined to prove Karan's innocence and will start looking for proofs in Karan's favor. Will Sawri create new trouble for Naina? Will Naina succeed in proving Karan's innocence? Stay tuned in for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Swabhimaan serial.

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