Swabhimaan: NK blames Meghna for his insult by Groom's father

Sep 16, 2017

Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan Latest News: Karan - Naina - Kunal - Meghna sneak away Khyati to meet Vishal

The upcoming episode of Colors' popular serial Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan will bring a huge twist as Nand Kishor will get majorly insulted by the Groom's family who would come to see Khyati for the marital alliance. Swabhimaan serial is currently showing the high voltage drama where Nand Kishor wants to get Khyati married to his choice of the groom while Khyati is in love with Meghna (Sangeita Chauhan) and Naina's (Ankita Sharma) brother Vishal. Meghna, Naina, Karan (Samridh Bawa) and Kunal (Sahil Uppal) are aware that Khyati loves Vishal and are determined to get Khyati married to Vishal, against Nand Kishor. However, Naina feels trapped for she is the ideal daughter in law of Chauhan family but yet wants Khyati to be happy in her life. Nand Kishor is dead against Khyati's marital alliance with Vishal and even humiliates Vishal and Sharda. In the upcoming episode of Swabhimaan serial, Karan - Naina and Kunal - Meghna will be seen helping Khyati to sneak away from Chauhan House. Naina will blow the fire alarm to divert Nand Kishor's attention while Karan will sneak out with Khyati. Kunal and Meghna will take Khyati with them to meet Vishal. Later, the groom's family will come to see Khyati in Chauhan House but will be annoyed with Nand Kishor as Khyati would have gone missing. Groom's father will humiliate Nand Kishor and for this Nand Kishor will blame Meghna as Meghna has vowed to get Khyati married to Vishal at any cost. Will Nand Kishor find out that Karan and Naina too are involved in helping Khyati? Stay tuned in for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Swabhimaan serial.

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