Swaragini 20th May 2016 Written Update

May 19, 2016

Swaragini 20th May 2016 Written Update Written Episode

Today’s 20th May 2016 Swaragini Written Update Written Episode starts with Ragini screaming at Parineeta. Ragini comes to know Parineeta’s plan and involvement in Swara’s assumed death. Ragini faces Parineeta in the store and screams at her. Ragini gets extremely angry with Parineeta and takes Parineeta’s case. Parineeta looks completely baffled and scared with Ragini’s aggressive attack. However, Ragini informs Parineeta that she will keep Parineeta’s reality hidden from the family members. And Ragini further threatens Parineeta that if Parineeta repeats her evil actions then Ragini will make her pay badly for it. Parineeta gets worried and restless. She fears that Ragini might inform her truth to the family members one day.

On the other side Sahil and Swara eat their breakfast together. Sahil and Swara starts talking to each other with pleasantries and later start bonding well. Swara and Sahil enjoy their breakfast in each other’s company. Meanwhile Sahil’s mother comes in the city to meet Sahil.

As instructed by Ragini, Lakshya takes Sanskar along with him and leaves for Hoogly. Sanskar and Lakshya have agenda to meet Mrs. Sengupta.

Uttara feels guilty and sad for the entire mess created by Rajat and for Swara’s death. Uttara keeps taking the blame of the wrong gone things.

Swara reaches Sahil’s room and gets astonished to see numerous musical instruments in Sahil’s room. Swara suddenly remembers her love for music and cannot control herself from singing. Swara sings beautiful song without realizing that record mode in Sahil’s phone is on. Swara’s song keeps getting recorded in Sahil’s phone.

Right then Sahil’s mother reaches Sahil’s home and gets shocked to see Swara in his room. Sahil’s mother thinks of Swara as Sahil’s fan who has entered Sahil’s house and room uninvited. Sahil’s mother gets angry and pushes Swara out of Sahil’s home. Swara does not get a chance to defend herself.

Soon Sahil arrives and comes to know about Swara getting thrown out of the house by his mother. Sahil gets shocked and informs the reality to his mother. Sahil leaves immediately from home to look for Swara.

Precap of Swaragini Written Update:

Sanskar and Lakshya come across Swara and get shocked.

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