Swaragini: After fake pregnancy drama, Ragini to be pregnant in real

Jul 18, 2016

Swaragini Latest News: After getting exposed in fake pregnancy drama by Swara, Ragini to get pregnant for real

Exciting news is coming up for the fans and followers of Colors’ popular show Swaragini as one of the lead ladies Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) will be seen getting pregnant in real after the fake pregnancy drama. Yes, you read it correct. Ragini will be seen expecting her first baby after the fake pregnancy fiasco done to save Sharmistha’s baby. After getting exposed for fake pregnancy, the stork will actually visit Ragini.

As seen till now in Swaragini, Sharmistha gets pregnant and Sujata gets annoyed with the news. Sujata insists on Sharmistha to abort her pregnancy. However, Ragini stops Sharmistha from aborting the baby and promises Sharmistha that she will take care of the situation. Accordingly Ragini and Laskhya (Namish Taneja) plan Ragini’s fake pregnancy and decide to adopt Sharmistha’s baby secretly to save Sharmistha and her baby. The entire Maheshwari family gets happy with Ragini’s pregnancy news, however, evil Parineeta comes to know the reality and she starts blackmailing Ragini.

Later Swara (Helly Shah) gets her memory back and remembers all the evil deeds of Parineeta and exposes Parineeta. Parineeta forces Ragini to be her support and Ragini gets helpless. Parineetra easily creates rift amid Swara and Ragini. Maheshwari family plans for Ragini’s Godh Bharai function, but with Parineeta’s instigation, Swara brings out the reality of Ragini’s fake pregnancy.

Entire Maheshwari family gets furious with Ragini but right then Sharmistha comes forward and informs the truth to all. Swara will be seen shocked and will try to calm down Maheshwaris by supporting Ragini.

However, in the upcoming episode of Swaragini, Ragini will feel weak and will faint in the house. After the check up the news of Ragini being really pregnant will come out.

Are you excited to see Ragini and Lakshya’s happy celebration over Ragini’s pregnancy?

Stay tuned in for more updates on Swaragini.

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