Swaragini Latest: Sanskar to see Swara alive

May 21, 2016

Swaragini Latest News: Sanskar to witness Swara alive and with Sahil, Sanskar to be shocked

Colors’ popular show Swaragini is yet again focusing on famous onscreen couple Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskar’s (Varun Kapoor) separation and their journey away from each other.

As seen till now, Sahil (Anuj Sachdeva) rescues Swara and brings Swara to his place.

Swara and Sanskar start bonding with each other and become friends over common musical interest.

Sanskar starts falling in love with Swara’s innocence and voice and beauty.

However, Swara tries to recollect her past which she remembers in parts due to the partial memory loss.

On the other side, Sanskar is devastated with Swara’s assumed death and gets depressed.

Sanskar decides to create Foundation in Swara’s remembrance and hence ends up at Mrs. Sengupta’s house for help.

Mrs. Sengupta is none other than Sahil’s mother.

The upcoming episode will show Sanskar going to Mrs. Sengupta’s place and Swara running to get the door.

However, Swara will accidently loose her balance and Sahil will support her in time.

Swara will miss seeing Sanskar while Sahil will ask Swara to prepare tea for the guests.

Sanskar will immediately realize the taste of the tea made by Swara and he will try to investigate.

On the other side Swara too will feel Sansakr’s existence close by and she will get confused with the vibes.

Sahil will try to take Swara’s mind off Sanskar’s memory and will divert Swara.

Apparently Sanskar and Lakshya will end up getting a glimpse of Swara.

Let’s see how Sansakr reacts on knowing Swara being alive and staying in Sahil’s house.

Stay tuned for more updates on Swaragini.

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