Swaragini: Major rift amid Swara - Ragini over Parineeta

Jul 03, 2016

Swaragini Latest News: Parineet a blackmails Ragini to support her, Swara gets annoyed with Ragini leading to differences in Ragini and Swara

Once again Colors’ show Swaragini will show Swara (Helly Shah) and Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) getting drifted apart in the upcoming episodes. Swara and Ragini love each other immensely, but with Swara’s memory loss issue and Ragini’s attempt to save Sharmishtha’s child, the relationship amid the sisters is set to get hampered in Swaragini. Ragini will have to take some unwilling steps that will create rift in Swara and Ragini while Lakshya knowing Ragini’s condition will support Ragini.

Swara’s memory gets revived and she remembers Sanskar and everyone in Swaragini. Swara also remembers Parineeta’s evil deeds and her evil schemes with Rajat. Swara is seen exposing Parineeta in front of all the Maheshwari family. Everyone gets shocked and irked with Parineeta and they throw her out of the house.

Meanwhile, Ragini has declared her fake pregnancy to save Sharmishtha’s child. Ragini and Lakshya have decided to adopt Sharmishtha’s child once born and hence are doing fake pregnancy drama. However, Parineeta comes to know about Ragini’s drama.

Once thrown out of the Maheshwari house Parineeta blackmails Ragini to support Parineeta and to get her back to Maheshwari house. Parineeta threatens Ragini that she will expose Ragini’s fake pregnancy. Ragini gets in huge dilemma as she wants to save Sharmishtha’s child. Lakshya will be seen supporting Ragini and will decide to bring Parineeta back.

This will come as huge shock to Swara as she doesn’t know the reality yet. Swara will get furious with Ragini for supporting Parineeta and this will lead to major rift amid Swara and Ragini.

Parineeta will be seen making use of Swara and Ragini’s misunderstandings and she will plot against Swara using Ragini as the pawn.

Let’s see if Swara realizes the truth and teams up with Ragini once again in Swaragini.

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