Swaragini: Parineeti blackmails Ragini for pregnancy drama

Jun 11, 2016

Swaragini Latest News: Parineeti comes to know Ragini and Lakshy's pregnancy drama, blackmails Ragini

Colors’ show Swaragini is once again taking the viewers on emotional roller coaster ride with current developments in Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) and Swara’s (Helly Shah) lives and the upcoming twists. Ragini has declared her pregnancy to safeguard Sharmishtha’s child, but Ragini will soon feel guilty of betraying her Maheshwari family.

Moreover, Ragini will face the threat from Parineeta as she will get to know Ragini’s reality in the upcoming episodes of Swaragini. On the other side, Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) is trying to win Swara’s heart by disguising as Rockstar Kisan. Ragini too will play her part in attempts of bringing Swara and Sanskar closer.

It is seen that Sharmishtha tries to abort her pregnancy while Ragini stops her. Ragini supports and encourages Sharmishtha’s to keep her baby. However Sharmishtha feels confused and stressed and hence Ragini steps forward to solve Sharmishtha’s problem. With Lakshya’s help Ragini devises a plan of declaring fake pregnancy and there by adopting Sharmishtha’s baby later. Lakshya (Namish Taneja) supports Ragini and both decide to fake Ragini’s pregnancy.

Accordingly Maheshwari family comes to know about Ragini being pregnant and everyone gets immensely happy with the news of new member’s entry in the family. Maheshwari family ladies start pampering and looking after Ragini. Ragini feels overwhelmed by all the love and care and starts feeling guilty for deceiving her family. However, Lakshya reminds Ragini of their real motive behind all this drama.

Parineeta gets irked with the treatment given to Ragini and tried to play her evil games once again. Parineeta tries to feed Papaya to Ragini and Annapurna stops her. Parineeta gets scolding for trying to feed papaya to Ragini.

However, in the upcoming episode, Parineeta will come to know about Ragini’s pregnancy drama and she will take the opportunity to blackmail and manipulate Ragini. Ragini will try to stop Parineeta but Parineeta will make new plans to bring Ragini in trouble.

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