Swaragini: Ragini to support Parineeta against Swara

Jun 28, 2016

Swaragini Latest News: Swara exposes Parineeta, Ragini supports Parineeta due to Parineeta's blackmail over fake pregnancy

After Swara (Helly Shah) getting her memory back and remembering Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) if the viewers are thinking that Swaragini will showcase all the good events, let us assure you the twists in Swaragini are far from over yet. After Swara’s memory recovery, not it is turn of Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) to face problems as Parineeta will bring Ragini in trouble.

It is already known that Ragini has declared her fake pregnancy for her mother Sharmishtha. Parineeta knows this secret of Ragini. As Swara has got her memory back, she remembers all about Parineeta’s evil deeds along with Rajat. Swara will be seen exposing Parineeta in front Maheshwari family. However, there is one drastic twist expected in Swaragini after Swara’s revelation of Parineeta being the culprit.

As known till now, Ragini declares her pregnancy to save Sharmishtha’s child. Sharmishtha is pregnant but Dadi asks Sharmishtha to abort the pregnancy. Ragini supports Sharmishtha and asks her to continue with her pregnancy. To save Sharmishtha Ragini declares that she is pregnant. Lakshya (Namish Taneja) and Ragini decide to adopt Sharmishtha’s child secretly. Entire Maheshwari family gets happy with Ragini’s pregnancy while Lakshya supports her. Parineeta however comes to know this secret and tries to blackmail Ragini.

In the upcoming episode, Swara will expose Parineeta and entire Maheshwari family will get extremely furious with Parineeta. Parineeta’s husband will ask her to leave the house. However, Parineeta will blackmail Ragini to take her side or else she will tell Ragini’s truth to everyone.

With a heavy heart Ragini will support Parineeta against Swara. Swara will be shocked by Ragini’s stand. However, Lakshya will know the reality and hence Lakshya too will support Ragini.

Parineeta will use Ragini against Swara in Maheshwari family.

Stay tuned to know more updates on Swaragini.

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