Swaragini: Sahil to doubt Kisan's real identity

Jun 13, 2016

Swaragini Latest News: Irked with Swara and Kisan's friendship, obsessive Sahil to create problems for Kisan

Colors’ show Swaragini is set to show some interesting twists concerning Swara (Helly Shah), Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) and Sahil (Anuj Sachdeva). Sanskar has take Rockstar Kisan avatar to win back Swara’s love and as expected, Swara too is getting drawn to Kisan. However, this equation may not go down well Sahil’s throat.

In the upcoming episodes of Swaragini, Sahil is going to get irked with Swara and Kisan’s close proximity and will be taking steps to curb Swara and Kisan’s friendship. Sahil will start showing his obsessive nature towards Swara and will turn on his evil side to claim Swara.

As seen till now, Swara has completely rejected Sanskar after her partial memory loss. Swara remembers Sanskar as the person who tried to kill her and hates Sanskar. Sanskar gets devastated and tries to revive memory of his wife Swara. However, the situation gets worse with Swara and Sahil’s budding friendship over the common ground of music.

Ragini calls Swara to Maheshwari house as she declares her fake pregnancy. But Swara and Sanskar get in argument and Sanskar leaves his house for Swara. But Sanskar is determined to revive Swara’s memory and to save her from evil Sahil.

Sanskar decides to use Swara’s love for music to get back in her life. Sanskar takes avatar of village man Kisan who wants to be Rockstar and wants to participate in reality singing show. Kisan behaves likes typical village man and seeks Swara’s guidance for excellence in music and singing. Swara slowly starts liking Kisan and decides to make Kisan her student.

Swara and Kisan start spending time together and the friendship starts blooming. Sahil will start getting irked and insecure with Swara and Kisan’s friendship. Sahil will also doubt Kisan and will think of verifying Kisan’s real identity. Sahil will decide to bring a halt in Swara and Kisan’s budding friendship.

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