Swaragini: Sahil to turn in to Swara's psychotic lover

Jun 06, 2016

Swaragini Latest News: Sanskar decides to leave Maheshwari home, Sujata to stop Sanskar, Sahil to become drunkard and obsessive lover for Swara

Colors’ show Swaragini has turned up the melodrama quotient it its current track revolving around Swara (Helly Shah), Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) and Sahil (Anu Sachdeva) and their love triangle. Post memory loss Swara hates Sanskar and after rescuing Swara, Sahil is in love with her. Sanskar is trying to revive Swara’s memory while Sahil is trying to ruin Swara’s memory.

As per the latest news on Swaragini, Sanskar decides to go away from Maheshwari house for Swara’s sake while Sahil turns obsessive lover of Swara.

As seen till now, Ragini makes the drama of being pregnant to save Sharmishtha’s unborn baby from getting aborted. Ragini calls Swara at Maheshwari place but Swara informs Ragini that she would come to Maheshwari house only if Sanskar stays away from her. Unfortunately Swara and Sanskar get in major argument as Swara accuses Sanskar of trying to kill her. Swara prepares to leave Maheshwari house, however, Sanskar stops Swara and decides to leave his family and Maheshwari house for Swara.

As Sanskar will prepare to leave, his mother Sujata will get annoyed with all the happenings and will stop Sanskar for taking this drastic step of leaving the family house. Sujata will get angry with Swara and will ask her to get back to her senses.

On the other side, Sahil will be heartbroken with the knowledge of Swara and Sanskar’s marriage. Sahil has fallen in deep love with Swara and cannot forget her. Sahil will be seen highly emotional and depressed thinking about Swara.

Sahil will start drinking alcohol heavily and will turn in to a drunkard. Sahil’s mother will get worried for Sahil and will ask him to get over Swara. Sahil will refuse to forget Swara and will be adamant to have Swara in his life.

Soon, Sahil will turn in to psychotic lover of Swara and will use dangerous tactics to get Swara back in his life.

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