Swaragini: Sahil's mother to disapprove of Swara

May 22, 2016

Swaragini Latest News: Sahil's mother to dislike growing friendship amid Swara and Sahil, will plan to break it

Colors’ popular show Swaragini is much in news these days with the major twist of new man Sahil’s (Anuj Sachdeva) entry in Swara’s (Helly Shah) life post her fall off the cliff and memory loss.

As known till now, Swara falls off the cliff and is assumed dead by the police, however, in reality Sahil saves Swara.

Sahil brings Swara to his place and realizes that Swara is suffering from memory loss.

Sahil helps Swara in difficult times of healing of her injuries and Swara feels grateful.

Sahil and Swara start bonding over music as that turns out to be their common interest.

However, Sahil’s mother enters the scene and proves to be a hindrance in Swara and Sahil’s budding friendship.

On the other side Sanskar and Lakshya carry out search for Swara and come across Sahil’s mother.

Sahil’s mother fails to help Sanksar as she is unaware of Swara’s origin.

Swara goes in Sahil’s room and gets mesmerized to see musical instruments in the room and will unknowingly start singing beautiful song.

Sahil’s mother thinks of Swara as Sahil’s crazy fan and pushes her out of the house, however, Sahil informs his mother about Swara’s reality.

Sahil starts falling in love with Swara’s innocence and beauty and his mother notices this.

Sahil’s mother gets irked with Sahil’s inclination towards Swara and decides to break their bond.

Let’s see what new twists Sahil’s mother brings in Sahil and Swara’s bonding.


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