Swaragini: Sanskar determined to expose Sahil in front of Swara

Jun 04, 2016

Swaragini Latest News: Sanskar comes to know Sahil's evil side, Sanskar decides to fight for his love Swara to rescue her from Sahil

The love triangle amid Swara (Helly Shah), Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) and Sahil (Anuj Sachdeva) is creating interesting twists in Colors’ show Swaragini. It is known that Swara thinks of Sanskar as the murderer and has bonded well with Sahil and Sahil is in love with Swara.

In the upcoming episode Sanskar will come to know about Sahil’s evil mindedness and will decide to expose Sahil. Sanskar will be determined to save Swara from dangerous Sahil.

As seen till now, Swara’s partial memory loss has made her believe that Sanskar is a murderer. Swara feels scared of Sanskar and is extremely shocked to know that she is married to Sanskar. On the other side, Sahil saves Swara and both become friends. Sahil falls in love with Swara’s innocence and beauty. Sahil comes to know about Sanskar and decides to get Sankar out of Swara’s life at any cost.

Sahil turns in to Swara’s possessive lover and starts planning evil to keep Sanskar away from Swara.

Sahil gets some goons arranged to scare Swara and blames it on Sanskar.

Later Ragini will be seen planning fake pregnancy to save Sharmishtha’s child. Ragini will plan to adopt Sharmishtha ‘s baby once born. Ragini will also call Swara to help her out during the pregnancy in Maheshwari house.

Swara will fall off the staircase in Maheshwari house and Sanskar will reach to help out Swara. Swara will get touched with Sanskar’s support, however, soon she will realize her hatred towards Sanskar. Swara will ask Sanskar to stay away from her as he tried to kill her previously. Swara will also blame Sanskar for arranging goons to kill Swara.

Sanskar will be shocked with this allegation and soon will come to know Sahil’s game plan against him. Sanskar will realize Sahil’s dark side and will decide to save Swara from evil Sahil at any cost.

Let’s hope Sanskar gets successful in winning his love back in Swaragini.

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