Swaragini: Sanskar to fall off stairs, Swara to worry

Jun 02, 2016

Swaragini Latest News: Swara to come close to Sanskar as Sanskar to fall off the staircase

Makers of Colors’ show Swaragini are set to bring some cute and heart touching moments amid Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) as Swara and Sanskar will soon stay under one roof, thanks to Ragini’s fake pregnancy.

During this stay Swara will soon realize her inclination towards Sanskar and she will be confused over her feelings for him.

As seen till now in Swaragini, Swara and Ragini’s mother Sharmishtha is pregnant and Sujata disapproves of Sharmishtha’s pregnancy. Saddened and confused Sujata decides to abort her pregnancy. But in nock of time Ragini reaches there and stops Sharmishtha. Ragini assures to help Sharmishtha and makes a plan along with Lakshya to save Sharmishtha’s child.

Ragini and Lakshya will make the plan of Ragini’s fake pregnancy and will decide to adopt Shrmishtha’s child as their own, secretly. Ragini will also make a plan to get Swara called over to Maheshwari house to be with pregnant Ragini.

Swara will refuse to stay with Ragini in the Maheshwari house fearing that she will come across Sanskar. However, Ragini will eventually convince her and Swara will shift to Maheshwari house.

Due to the partial memory loss Swara believes Sanskar to be a murderer and is scared of him.

However, one day Sanskar will fall off the staircase and Swara will hurriedly run for Sanskar’s rescue. Swara will get all scared and worried for Sanskar and will ask him if he is fine. Sanskar will get surprised and moved by Swara’s worry.

But soon Swara will once again remember Sanskar as murderer and she will immediately go away from him. Swara wil be shocked and agitated with her reaction towards Sanskar. Sanskar will feel happy to know that deep down in Swara’s heart love for Sanskar is still alive.

Let’s see if Swara and Sanskar’s love blooms again.

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