Swaragini: Sanskar to give up family for Swara

Jun 05, 2016

Swaragini Latest News: Post argument with Swara in Maheshwari house, Sanskar to move out of Maheshwari house, to make Swara comfortable

The current track of Colors’ show Swaragini is bent upon making millions of SwaSan fans emotional and sad with Swara’s (Helly Shah) hatred towards Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) and Sanskar’s attempts to revive Swara’s love for him. Swara is seen trying to avoid Sanskar while the new man Sahil (Anuj Sachdeva) is trying to take the advantage of the situation to win Swara’s heart.

As per the latest news in Swaragini, Swara will get in major argument with Sanskar and as a result, Sanskar will move out of Maheshwari house to make Swara feel secure in his absence.

Swaragini is focusing on Swara’s partial memory loss after which she has forgotten the love of her life Sanskar. Ironically Swara hates Sanskar and remembers Sanskar as the person who tried to kill her. As a repercussion Swara keeps getting scared and angry with Sanskar.

Sahil, the man who saved Swara, has fallen in love with Swara and is trying to benefit from Swara’s hatred towards Sanskar. Sanskar is determined to revive Swara’s memory and has realized Sahil’s evil nature too. Sanskar is now ready to do anything to make Swara remember her love for Sanskar.

The upcoming episode will show Ragini’s fake pregnancy plan to save Sharmishtha’s unborn child. Ragini also manages to get Swara in Maheshwari house to be her side during this pregnancy. In reality Ragini wants Swara to spend time near Sanskar to remember their past.

Swara warns Ragini that Sanskar should not come close to Swara and Ragini agrees. However, Swara slips off the stair and Sanskar reaches to help Swara. Swara gets overwhelmed by Sanskar’s support but immediately remembers him as the murderer. Swara accuses Sanskar of trying to kill her and Sanskar too argues back.

Swara will get furious with Sanskar and will prepare to leave Maheshwari house. But Sanskar will stop her and will instead leave his family home to make Swara feel comfortable in Maheshwari house.

Let’s hope after this heartbreaking decision of Sanskar Swara remembers her love for him.

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