Swaragini: Swara exposes & Slaps Parineeta

Jun 27, 2016

Swaragini Latest News: After getting memory back Swara to turn aggressive against Parineeta, will slap Parineeta in front of the family

Colors’ show Swaragini will once again show Swara (Helly Shah) back in action as she her memory is revived and she remembers every minute detail of the incident that happened before her accident. Swara remember her husband Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) and remembers Rajat’s attack on her with gun. The upcoming episode will put Parineeta in major shock as Swara will remember Parineeta’s role in Swara’s accident.

The upcoming episode will show Swara finally realizing her love for Sanskar that she had forgotten and she will apologize to Sanskar for her behavior. Also Swara will ask Maheshwari family to forgive her for all her behavior after losing memory. There will be lot of high voltage drama in Swaragini in the forthcoming episodes.

As known till now, Sahil turns obsessive lover of Swara and exposes Kisan as Sanskar. Swara gets shocked to see Sankar while Sanskar takes Swara away forcibly to explain the reason behind taking Kisan avatar. Swara doesn’t pay heed to Sanskar and runs away. Sanskar catches Swara and confesses his love to Swara. Swara gets shocked and refuses to accept Sahil’s love. Sahil gets aggressive and points gun at Swara. Swra instantly remembers all the events that took place before her accident. Sanskar turns up for Swara’s help and Swara remembers him finally.

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In the upcoming episode, Swara will get cured and come back to Maheshwari house. Swara will apologize to Sanskar for her blames and accusations on him. Further Swara will also ask Maheshwari family to forgive her for all her misunderstandings.

Later Swara will come across Parineeta and will remember her role with Rajat. Furious Swara will slap Parineeta hard in front of whole family. Swara will also open Parineeta’s evil deeds in front of everyone. Maheshwari family will get shocked while Parineeta’s husband will throw her out of the house.

Let’s see if Parineeta plans something evil against Swara in the upcoming episodes of Swaragini.

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