Swaragini: Swara fails Parineeta's plan by supporting Ragini

Jul 14, 2016

Swaragini Latest News: Parineeta tries to  humiliate Ragini by exposing fake pregnancy, after Sharmishtha's confession Swara supports Ragini

Colors’ show Swaragini is going through lot of twists and turns currently as Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) getting back together after Sahil (Anuj Sachdeva) getting arrested. On the other hand the celebration of Ragini’s (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) Godh Bharai too has started. It is known that Ragini has opted for fake pregnancy to help Sharmishtha with her pregnancy. Ragini and Lakshya (Namish Taneja) want to adopt Sharmishtha’s child once born to avoid Sharmishtha to terminate pregnancy. However, the truth of Ragini’s fake pregnancy will soon be out and will create havoc in Swaragini.

As know till now, Sujata takes objection on Sharmishtha’s pregnancy and asks her to abort the child. Sharmishtha decides to follow Sujata’s words and tries to abort the pregnancy. However, Ragini stops her and promises Sharmishtha to help to keep the child safe. Ragini and Lakshya make the plan of Ragini’s pregnancy drama and decide to adopt Sharmishtha’s child secretly.

Maheshwari family gets immensely happy with Ragini’s pregnancy and they pamper her a lot. However, Parineeta comes to know about Lakshya and Ragini’s drama and blackmails Ragini. Ragini has no option but to listen to Parineeta.

Once Swara gets her memory back, Swara exposes Parineeta’s evil deeds in front of Maheshwari family and slaps her. Parineeta threatens Ragini to support her or else she will expose Ragini’s fake pregnancy. During Ragini’s Godh Bharai function, Parineeta will bring out Ragini’s truth in front of entire family and Maheshwari family will be stunned to know about all the lies about Ragini’s pregnancy. Swara too will be shocked and Maheshwari family will scold and scream at Ragini.

Finally Sharmishtha will come forward and tell the truth that Ragini and Lakshya made Pregnancy Drama to save Sharmishtha’s pregnancy. Swara will be shocked but will then side Ragini. Swara will turn Ragini’s support for trying to help Sharmishtha. Swara will try to calm and console everyone and will commend Ragini for her support to Sharmishtha.

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