Swaragini: Swara & Ragini's Magical Pen plan to save baby brother from Adarsh

Aug 21, 2016

Swaragini Latest News: Swara and Ragini's plan to fool Adarsh with magical pen for saving their baby brother

Colors' show Swaragini is currently going through dramatic turn of events with Adarsh and Parineeta blackmailing Swara (Helly Shah) and Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) by kidnapping their younger baby brother (Sharmishta's son). It is recently revealed that the real kidnappers are Adarsh and Parineeta as they have joined the hands against entire Maheshwari family. Adarsh and Parineeta want to get hold of entire Maheshwari property and hence they were intially blackmailing Ragini. Now that Swara knows this secret, Adarsh and Parineeta are blackmailing both Swara and Ragini over their baby brother. Adarsh wants Swara and Ragini to get Durga Prasad's signature on the blank stamp paper so that he can claim the entire Maheshwari property. However, Swara and Ragini decide to fight back against Parineeta and Adarsh to save Maheshwari property and their younger brother. It will be seen that Adarsh gets Parineeta home in the veiled avatar and with the baby. Swara and Ragini will realize that it is Parineeta and their baby brother. However, as they go close to the baby, the crackers will burst and an evil Adarsh will warn Swara and Ragini to stay away from the baby. Finally Swara will get a magical pen, the ink of which only stays on paper for 24 hours and then evaporates. Swara and Ragini will decide to get Durga Prasad's signature on Stamp Paper with this pen and will decide to get hold of their baby brother within 24 hours, so that Adarsh and Parineeta remain unaware of Swara and Ragini's counter plan. It will be interesting to see if Swara and Ragini get successful in their plan or Adarsh and Parineeta turn cautious with Swara and Ragini. Stay tuned in for more updates on Colors' show Swaragini.

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