Swaragini: Swara remembers Sanskar post Sahil's attack

Jun 24, 2016

Swaragini Latest News: Sahil attacks Swara with gun, Swara remembers past and Sanskar, Sanskar saves Swara

Good news is coming in for millions of diehard fans of Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) as Swara and Sanskar will finally reunite with Swara remembering all the past details in the upcoming episode of Colors’ show Swaragini. Swara will face the same situation which she had faced before losing her memory. Swara will remember Sansakr as her husband and will faint. On the other hand, Sansakr will be seen rescuing Swara from evil Sahil (Anuj Sachdeva) as he will try to kill Swara.

The upcoming episode of Swaragini will turn up the drama and action a notch up high as Swara will be attacked by Sahil and the sequence will lead to Swara’s memory getting revived in emotional way.

As seen till now, Sahil realizes that Rock star Kisan is none other than Sanskar and decides to expose Sansakr in front of Swara. Sahil is turn obsessive in Swara’s love and acts weird. Sahil loosens Kisan’s wig band and during the performance Kisan’s wig comes off. Sanskar gets exposed in front of Swara and Swara gets shocked. Swara feels betrayed and tells Sanskar to go away. Further Swara demands for divorce from Sanskar. However, Sanskar forcibly takes Swara from there to explain his motive behind taking Kisan avatar.

Swara will refuse to listen to Sanskar and will run away. Sahil will stop Swara and will confess his love for Swara. Swara will get shocked with Sahil’s revelation and will refuse to accept Sahil’s love. Sahil will lose his mind and will try to take hold of Swara aggressively. Sahil will point gun at Swara in fit of anger and at that moment Swara will remember Rajat pointing gun at her before she fell off the cliff. Swara will remember Sanskar and everything. Swara will free herself from Sahil’s clutches and will run in to Sanskar. Sanskar will save Swara from Sahil while Swara will faint due to extreme mental fatigue.

Stay tuned for the upcoming updates of Colors’ show Swaragini.


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