Swaragini: Swara-Sanskar fail Mansi & Nikhil's plan of killing Lakshya

Dec 01, 2016


Swaragini Latest News: Mansi locks up Swara and sneaks out with Lakshya with plan to kill him

The upcoming episode of Colors' show Swaragini will be highly action packed as Swara (Hally Shah) and Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) get the whiff of Mansi and Nikhil's plan of killing Lakshya aka Abhimanyu (Namish Taneja). In the recent updates of Swaragini it is revealed that after Annapurna getting sick, Abhimanyu finally admits that he is Lakshya and reveals that his life is in danger from Mansi. Lakshya gets a warm welcome by Maheshwari family and also Lakshya reunites with Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar). However, Lakshya will return as Abhimanyu back with Mansi and from then there will be major drama in Swaragini. Apparently Mishka will come to know that Mansi and Nikhil are planning to kill Lakshya and hence she will inform the same to Swara. But Mansi will catch Mishka and Swara talking together and Mansi will captivate Swara. Mansi will tie up Swara in the Store Room and will lock her inside. Mansi will even keep Mishka in lockup. Mansi will take Lakshya with her and will plan to meet Nikhil where both have decided to kill Lakshya. Sanskar will come to meet Swara just before Mansi and Lakshya can leave, and Mansi will lie to Sanskar that Swara has gone out. However, Swara will manage to free herself and will bump in to Sanskar. Swara will inform Sanskar that Mansi and Nikhil are planning to kill Lakshya and both will immediately start following Lakshya and Mansi. Swara will inform Ragini about Lakshya and will ask her to help Mishka. Swara and Sanskar will be seen rescuing Lakshya from evil Mansi and Nikhil. Stay tuned in for more updates on Colors' show Swaragini.

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