Swaragini: Swara & Sanskar headed for divorce

Jun 21, 2016

Swaragini Latest News: Swara asks for divorce from Sanskar after Sanskar's Rockstar Kisan avatar getting exposed

Colors’ show Swaragini is soon coming up with heartbreaking twist for diehard fans of Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) as their favorite couple ‘SwaSan’ is set to be separated. As per the latest news Swara will decide to legally separate from Sanskar after his Kisan avatar gets exposed in front of Swara. Swara will be extremely furious and will want no relation with Sanskar whatsoever.

Swara is completely averse to Sanskar after her memory loss while Sahil (Anuj Sachdeva) is trying to win over Swara’s heart. Meanwhile Sanskar turns Kisan to get close to Swara and Sahil turns in to Swara’s obsessive lover. Sahil plays his cards and gets Kisan exposed as Sanskar in front of Swara. The upcoming episode of Swaragini will show Swara’s furious reaction to Sanskar for betraying her as Kisan.

As known earlier, Swara is suffering from partial memory loss and thinks of her husband Sanskar as murderer. Sahil saves Swara and later both become friends with Sahil falling in love with Swara. Sanskar tries to revive Swara’s memory but receives Swara’s hatred in return. Shattered Sanskar leaves Maheshwari house for Swara and later comes back disguised as Rock star Kisan.

Kisan requests Swara to teach him music as he wants to participate in India’s Got Talent. Kisan also requests Swara to be his partner. Swara and Kisan start bonding over music and Swara starts liking Kisan. Swara and Kisan come close to each other while rehearsing for the songs. Sahil gets annoyed with Kisan and Swara’s closeness and decides to find Kisan’s reality. Sahil comes to know that Kisan is none other than Sanskar. Sahil decides to expose Sanskar by loosening his hair wig.

During the event, as expected, Kisan’s wig comes off and Swara sees Sanskar. Swara turns furious and calls Sanskar murderer again. Sanskar tries to explain the reality to Swara.

Unfortunately, Swara will pay no heed to Sanskar and will decide to separate from Sanskar legally. Swara will decide to break her marriage and will decide to divorce Sanskar.

Let’s see if Sanskar can stop this disaster in Swaragini.

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