Swaragini: Swara to fall in love with Sahil

May 25, 2016

Swaragini Latest News: Sahil to successfully woo Swara, Swara falls in love with Sahil

Heartbreaking news is coming up for the fans and followers of Colors’ show Swaragini as Swara (Helly Shah) not only has started hating her husband Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) due to memory loss, but Swara will also fall in love with Sahil (Anuj Sachdeva) in the upcoming episodes.

As seen till now, Sahil saves Swara from the accident and takes her to his place. Swara suffers from partial memory loss. Sahil looks after Swara and saves her from the injuries and trauma. Sahil and Swara find music to be their common interest and indulge in some recitation of some beautiful songs. Sahil and Swara bond well.

Swara remembers her mother Sharmishtha and her home in Badi. Sahil drops Swara to her place where Swara feels happy to be back with her family. Swara recognizes Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) and Ragini receives Swara warmly.

However, Swara has forgotten Sanskar completely and does not remember that she is married to him. On the other hand elated to have Swara back, Sanskar arranges for beautiful flowers for her. However, Swara remembers Sanskar as a murderer. Swara only remembers Sanskar pointing gun at her and starts hating him. Swara gets scared of Sanskar and Sanskar will be devastated with Swara’s attitude towards him. Seeing Swara’s condition Sahil intervenes and takes Swara far from Sanskar.

Sanskar feels insecure with Sahil’s existence in Swara’s life, however, feels helpless even to approach Swara.

On the other side, Swara gets comfortable with Sahil more and more. Sahil gets attracted to Swara’s beauty and falls in love with her beautiful voice and innocent nature. Sahil wants to confess his love to Swara, but holds his emotions back.

The upcoming episode will feature Sahil trying to woo Swara by singing melodious Bengali songs and soon Swara will start falling for Sahil. Swara will start liking Sahil and will experience love for him.

Surely this is shocking news for SwaSan fans.

Let’s see how Sanskar gets his love back in Colors’ show Swaragini.

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