Tashan e Ishq: Kunj and Twinkle unite as show comes to an end soon

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  1. MJ says:

    They have taken good decision to end the show. It ended long time when Sidhant left the show.Ending with Kunj and Twinkle union is appreciable. Better UV and Pallavi realise what a true love and move on.

  2. Hibuu says:

    I’ll miss u zain luv u bye TEI

  3. Kirti goyal says:

    No plzz shw band mat kroo…ek tashan hi t h jise hum dekne k liye 8 bje ks intzar krte rhte h plzzz…ab to teinj ho rha h it means… shw bnd nh ho skta plzz hum twinjs love dekna cahte h yrrr…nd ab sid b waps aa skta h shw m aap log plz sid ko convnse kijiye .. vo man jaega…plz shw bnd mat kroo yrr we’ll miss tashan e ishq, jasmine , sidhant and teinj loverss

  4. Lamia says:

    I’ll miss the show as it was quiet diff from other serials..but it had lost track after sids exit….but it was gr8 to see sid,jas n zain…luvd the trio friendship… The main part of the serial was twinj…luvd twinj scenes…I disliked naman n hz n twinkles pairing wasn’t gud at all…they shud hv paired twinkle with uvi cz he had changed n we can’t ignore his sacrifices… I’ll misss jas n zain…n sid of course.. It was a treat to watch them..

  5. Mahi says:

    It’s so sad i always wanted to see yuvi and twinkle together from the very beginning of this but it seems like even when the show is about to finish we never see them together. I’m a big fan of zain I’ll definitely miss you zain imam I hope you come back soon

  6. Ami says:

    Oh it’s a big sad news my yule will never be one . I waited for them for one year still there will not be a happy ending of their story the story they said it’s a unusual unique love story very bad I will miss my zainuu don’t be missing come ha

  7. Sum says:

    Atleast unite twiraj/yuvle now! Wat the hell is dis? Unite the original lead jodi of TEI pls i.e. twiraj/yuvle

  8. Sum says:

    I really dont understand can the makers make Yuvi negative again? Wer is the logic? Twinkle refused to sign the divorce papers first n so now Yuvi becomes negative? Why everyone just uses him? This is not fair!!!!!

    Pls atleast unite twiraj/yuvle now

  9. Shirley says:

    Lol…What is this new crap??? yuvi & pallavi??? Are the makers out of their senses??? 😬😠😡😡 They shud hv unite pallavi with kunj bcz she gv her husband’s face to him..

  10. MANISHA SARMA says:

    kya h yeh yaar we want yuvraj and twinkle to unite pleaseee listen to fans demand for the last time yuvle should unite pallavi and kun will make a good couple cos pallavi gave her husband’s face to kunj and supported him in al those 5 years pls don’t do injustice with yvle fans again for the last time end it on a happy note with yuvle’s reuion

  11. Shirley says:

    Lol…What is this new crap??? yuvi & pallavi??? Are the makers out of their senses??? 😬😠😡😈 They shud hv unite pallavi with kunj bcz she gv her husband’s face to him..

  12. Giruba says:

    V don’t want to c our Yuvi with Pallavi. But really itz a crap. Yuvi is only for Twinkle. U can unite Pallavi with Kunj. V can’t tolerate it. Itz only a show made for Yuvi and Twinkle. Kunj came in middle so he want to go away from their life. How Yuvi? Highly disgusting.

  13. Swati says:

    It’s a good descission to end the show with twinj Union and pallavi n uv should understand love can not happen one side uv should unite with Mahi as a good husband as she loved him a lot n pallavi should go back toh her job!!

  14. Kinjal pandey says:

    plz don’t end tashan e ishq I love this serial very much….I love jasmine and zain plz….tei ka season2 b to la sakte h usme plz twinkle aur yuvi ki chemistry dikhaiye plz….

  1. August 25, 2016

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