Tashan e Ishq: Kunj and Yuvi fight it out to reach Twinkle in Massourie

Aug 04, 2016


Tashan e Ishq: Twinkle (Jasmin Bhasin) takes her final decision choosing between Kunj (Naman Shaw) and Yuvi (Zain Imam)

Twinkle is all set to take her final decision and choose between Yuvi and Kunj in the upcoming episodes of Tashan e Ishq. Twinkle is fed up of Yuvi and Kunj fighting for her and therefore she suddenly decides to leave from Amritsar and go on a holiday all by herself. Kunj and Yuvi come to know about Twinkle’s sudden absence and asks Leela about her whereabouts. However, Leela refuse to divulge Twinkle’s plans saying that it is a secret. Kunj and Yuvi are not ready to give up on Twinkle and therefore, Kunj tries to get information from Raman and Yuvi tries to find out form Pinni. Both the men come to know that Twinkle has gone to Massourie all by herself to spend time on her own. Both Kunj and Yuvi immediately prepare to leave for Massourie in order to convince Twinkle to come back. However, Kunj and Yuvi are competing against each other and try to remove one another form their paths. When Kunj sits in his car, he realizes that the wires have been cut and thinks that Yuvi is the one to do this. On the other hand, when Yuvi starts his bike to leave for Massouri, he realizes that the petrol has drained off and thinks that Kunj is responsible for this. Both Kunj and Yuvi think that they will not lose hope and decide to take a bus to reach Massourie. On the other hand, Twinkle reaches Massouri happily and meets a woman there named Sonia. Sonia is full of life and instantly becomes friends with Twinkle. Sonia will be seen helping Twinkle to take her decision to choose Kunj or Yuvi. Let’s wait and see what will be Twinkle’s final decision choosing between the two men in her life.

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