Tashan e Ishq: Kunj plans destination wedding to eliminate Yuvi

Jun 26, 2016

Tashan e Ishq: Kunj (Naman Shaw) taunts Twinkle (Jasmin Bhasin) and Yuvi’s (Zain Imam) relationship over family dinner

The upcoming episodes of Tashan e Ishq will show Kunj entering back into his house after a span of 5 years. Kunj aka Rocky has been invited by Yuvi to join the family for dinner as Rocky says that he does not have any family. It is seen that Yuvi wants Rocky to give his guest list of family members. Pallavi tells Yuvi that Rocky does not have any family. Yuvi feels bad for Rocky and therefore invited him.

On the other hand, Twinkle is miffed with Rocky. Rocky makes Twinkle try a ring for Pallavi and the ring gets stuck in Twinkle’s finger. The jeweler is not able to remove the ring and therefore he says that he will have to cut it. The jeweler also warns that Twinkle’s finger may get cut and Rocky says that he doe s not care. The jeweler cuts the ring and Twinkle’s finger also gets a cut. Twinkle’s finger starts to bleed and Rocky aka Kunj feels hurt seeing this.

However, Yuvi reaches there and starts to tend to Twinkle’s wound. Rocky gets angry seeing this and Twinkle is furious with Rocky for hurting her. When Twinkle comes to know that Yuvi has invited Rocky for dinner, she gets angry. Twinkle has started to dislike Rocky not knowing that he is her beloved Kunj.

It will now be seen that Kunj will enter his house once again and all his old memories will get refreshed. Rocky will make sure to taunt Twinkle and Yuvi for their relationship. Rocky will play another trick where he will decide to have a destination wedding. Rocky will try to make sure Yuvi cannot make it for the wedding so that Twinkle will have to be alone with him. Let’s wait and see whether Rocky’s plan gets succeeded.

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