Tashan e Ishq:  Kunj’s efforts to win back Twinkle’s love and trust

Jul 31, 2016

Tashan e Ishq: Twinkle (Jasmin Bhasin) refuses to trust Kunj (Naman Shaw) after his  Rocky avtaar

The current track of Tashan e Ishq shows that Twinkle is stuck in a big dilemma as she has to choose between her long lost love Kunj and her loyal husband Yuvi. Twinkle’s prayers get answered as Kunj returns to her life but she is struck by a harsh reality that she is still married to Yuvi. Kunj’s family wants Yuvi and Twinkle to end their relationship as Kunj and Twinkle are meant to be together. However, Twinkle shows reluctance and Leela too supports Yuvi. Kunj is shattered seeing all this and realizes that his comeback in Twinkle’s life was late as she has already moved on. Kunj decides to leave the house and his family members once again start worrying for him. Yuvi once again steps in to help the family but Usha forbids him from going to search for Kunj. On the other side, Kunj gets himself completely drunk thinking that his relationship with Twinkle is broken forever. Twinkle decides that he will go by herself to search for Kunj. Twinkle searches all over for Kunj and finally she reaches a church. Twinkle thinks that she will pray in the church to get back her Kunj. However, Kunj is also in the same church and he confesses to the priest about all his sins against Twinkle. Twinkle too makes a confession about all her troubles. The priest realizes that both Kunj and Twinkle are talking about each other and ask them to sort out their differences. Twinkle finally finds Kunj but is angry on him for leaving all of them once again. However, Kunj just wants to know whether Twinkle will accept him back in his life. The upcoming episodes of the show will showcase Kunj asking Twinkle to trust him but Twinkle would not be able to rebuild the trust remembering all the tortures done by Kunj being Rocky. A new sequence will be introduced where Kunj will try to regain Twinkle’s love and trust.

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