Tashan e Ishq: Macho Kunj brings Doli to Twinkle’s house

Aug 26, 2016

Tashan e Ishq: Yuvi loses Twinkle’s friendship, Kunj turns Macho to impress Twinkle

Zee TV’s popular show Tashan e Ishq Is soon going to come to an end and it is already known that Twinkle will choose Kunj over Yuvi in the climax track. Twinkle realizes that Yuvi has been using deceptive tricks to impress her and therefore, she tells him that he has lost her trust as well as friendship. Yuvi is not regretful for his friendship coming an end as he thinks that he will win over Twinkle only with the power of his love. On the other hand, Kunj quits his job in college after his tussle with Twinkle and returns home but gets a big surprise as his family throws a birthday party for him. Usha tells Kunj that Pallavi has made all the preparations and she praises Pallavi. However, Kunj is heartbroken so he overlooks the birthday celebrations and goes to his room. Usha is unhappy seeing this as she know that Kunj is still ruing after Twinkle but she does not deserve him. Later, Kunj lands up at Twinkle’s place and Yuvi is also there. Twinkle blames Kunj and Yuvi for creating so much trouble and confusion in her life. However, listening to Twinkle’s talks, Kunj realizes that twinkle still loves him. Kunj thinks that he has to impress Twinkle somehow and decide to take Pallavi’s help to win over Twinle’s heart. Evil Pallavi does t want to lose Kunj and therefore she plans to mislead him so that Twinkle rejects Kunj. Pallavi asks Kunj to turn macho and aggressive instead of being sweet and sober. On the other hand, Twinkle hates macho and aggressive men as she wants a man to be polite and courteous. It will now be seen that a dramatic sequence will occur as Kunj will land up at Twinkle’s house with a Doli and he will ask Twinkle to sit in the Doli and come to his house. Kunj will also turn aggressive as he will threaten to slap Twinkle if she does not return to his place. Let’s wait and see whether Kunj’s new plan to win Twinkle is able to succeed or not.

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