Tashan e Ishq: Pallavi’s murder mystery brings together Yuvi and Simple

Sep 07, 2016

Tashan e Ishq: Kunj (Naman Shaw) and Twinkle (Jamsin Bhasin) shocked by Pallavi’s sudden death, Yuvi (Zain Imam) to cross paths with Simple

Tashan e Ishq is soon reaching is climax track but the makers have made in a point to keep the momentum high with its interesting twists and turns. Pallavi and Yuvi were planning to scare Kunj and Twinkle with suicide drama but Yuvi gets shocked to see that Pallavi has died for real. Kunj and Twinkle get tensed and Kunj thinks that he should be punished if Pallavi has died because of him. However, Twinkle feels that she too is Pallavi’s culprit and accompanies Kunj as he goes to the police station. However, when the police comes to see the body, it suddenly vanishes and Twinkle understands that Yuvi is responsible for it. Twinkle and Kunj confront Yuvi about this and Yuvi explains that he hid the dead body in a car so that Kunj and Twinkle can be spared by the cops. However, Yuvi is actually trying to save himself as he was the last person with Pallavi before she died. Yuvi tries to bring back Pallavi’s dead body form the car but gets tensed seeing that the car and body both are missing. This brings about the introduction of a new character called Simple Kaur who is driving a car and is in bridal avtaar. Simple has run away from her wedding mandap as she does not want to marry. Simple keeps getting calls from her father asking her to return to the wedding but she refuses. The big twist gets revealed later as Palalvi’s dead body is lying in Simple’s car. Yuvi will now try to get Pallavi’s body from Simple’s car and this will bring about the clash of Yuvi and Simple. Looks like a new love story is all set to start off between these two in the upcoming episodes of the show. Stay tuned for more updates on Tashan e Ishq and its climax track. Also Read: http://tvserialnews.com/tashan-e-ishq-yuvi-starts-new-love-story-with-runaway-bride-simple-kaur/

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