Tashan e Ishq: Past week review and analysis, Rocky reveals himself and Kunj

Jul 29, 2016

Tashan e Ishq: Upcoming week to focus on Twinkle’s (Jasmin Bhasin) big decision to choose between Kunj (Naman Shaw) and Yuvi (Zain Imam)

The past week of Tashan e Ishq has showcased some high intensity drama where Rocky finally revealed his identity being Kunj to Twinkle and the rest of the family. For a long time now, the makers focused on Kunj’s revenge track as he tortured his family as well as Twinkle thinking they had forgotten him and replaced Yuvi in his life. However, Twinkle came to know about Rocky being Kunj and tried several tricks to make him reveal his truth. Rocky always moved one step ahead of Twinkle and ruined all her plans. Pallavi too made sure to instigate Rocky against Twinkle so that he would not believe any of her words. However, the makers presented the viewers with a surprising twist as Twinkle tells Kunj about her miscarriage and Kunj finally realizes that Twinkle was pregnant with his baby. Rocky finally admits to Twinkle that he is Kunj and the family is shocked and elated with Kunj’s return. Although most fans of Kunj and Twinkle would be happy with this sudden twist in the storyline, another problem creeps up as Leela wants Twinkle to realize that she is still married to Yuvi. Yuvi is ready to sacrifice his love for Twinkle and divorce her so that she can move on with Kunj. Twinkle feels guilty and is not ready to discard Yuvi from her life so easily. Kunj realizes that Twinkle and Yuvi have developed a bond amid them in his absence and he thinks that Twinkle and his relationship can never return to what it was earlier. Viewers get another shock as Kunj decides to leave the house all of a sudden and his family once again gets disappointed. While the past week was filled with revelations and shocking twists, the upcoming week will have more interesting moments as Twinkle will have to choose between Kunj and Yuvi.  Stay tuned for more interesting updates on Tashan e Ishq.

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