Tashan e Ishq: Rocky tensed seeing Twinkle dying and blames Pallavi for it

Jul 22, 2016

Tashan e Ishq: Yuvi (Zain Imam) tries saving Twinkle’s life but Twinkle (Jasmin Bhasin) consume poison for Kunj (Naman Shaw)

The current track of Tashan e Ishq shows that Twinkle consumes the poison to prove Rocky being Kunj but Rocky does not stop her. Twinkle is determined to make Rocky admit that he is Kunj and she challenges him that he will himself proclaim in front of everyone about his real identity. Kunj ask Pallavi to keep an eye on Twinkle to know about her plans. Yuvi too wants to know Twinkle’s plans but she refrains from telling him. When the party starts off, Yuvi comes there as a waiter and tells Leela to keep an eye on Twinkle and make sure she does not do anything to harm herself. Leela notices Twinkle clutching her purse and understands that she has hidden something in it. Leela sees a poison bottle in the purse and quickly replaces the poison with water. However, Pallavi sees all this and later replaces the water with poison once again. However, Pallavi tells Rocky that there is water in Twinkle’s purse and not poison as she does not want Rocky to know that Twinkle’s life is actually in danger. Twinkle grabs everyone’s attention in the party and announces that Rocky is Kunj Sarna. Kunj’s family gets shocked hearing this and questions Twinkle about her claims. Twinkle asks Rocky to admit the truth but Rocky refuses to accept it and asks Twinkle to see a psychiatrist as she has gone crazy. However, Twinkle warns Rocky that if he will not admit the truth then she will consume the poison and die in front of him. Rocky is unfazed as he knows that nothing will happen to Twinkle. However, Twinkle drinks the poison and she falls on the ground being unconscious. Leela and Yuvi are shocked as they thought that her poison bottle was replaced with water. It will now be seen that Rocky too will start getting concerned for Twinkle and will blame Pallavi for giving him wrong information. However, Pallavi will try to instigate Rocky against Twinkle. Will Rocky aka Kunj admit his real identity? Stay tuned for more updates.

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