Tashan e Ishq: Twinkle is dilemma choosing her love Kunj or husband Yuvi

Jul 28, 2016

Tashan e Ishq: Yuvi (Zain Imam) agrees to free Twinkle (Jasmin Bhasin) from marriage bond to reunite her with Kunj (Naman Shaw)

Finally, the big revelation takes place in Tashan e Ishq as Rocky admits in front of everyone that he is Kunj. Rocky shows the family members a video of Twinkle trying to get physically close to him. Rocky accuses Twinkle of being characterless. Usha and Bebee blame Twinkle in front of Leela saying that she has gone out of hand. Twinkle is shocked seeing Rocky playing such a cheap trick and slaps him. Twinkle tells Rocky that he can never be her Kunj as he has tried to ruin her reputation and self-respect. Twinkle recalls that her Kunj always tried to protect her dignity but Rocky is just the opposite. Finally, Twinkle says that she is happy that their baby died before coming into the world as he she would not be able to tell her child about the father’s cheap tricks. Rocky aka Kunj is shocked to hear about this and demands Twinkle to tell him about his baby. All family members are shocked seeing as Kunj repeatedly demands Twinkle to reveal what happened to his child. Twinkle asks Rocky whether he admits he is Kunj and Rocky shocks everyone as he agrees. Rocky reveals everything about the past where he thought Twinkle betrayed him by marrying Yuvi. Kunj reveals that he wanted to seek revenge from Twinkle for moving on from him and marrying his biggest enemy. Twinkle clears all misunderstandings saying that her marriage with Yuvi was only namesake as the two of them were only friends since she always loved only Kunj. Twinkle and the rest of the family is happy with Kunj’s return but Leela feels sad seeing that Yuvi will have to sacrifice his love for Twinkle for her happiness. Leela reminds Twinkle that Yuvi is legally still her husband and she should not forget this. It will now be seen that Yuvi will try to remove mangalsutra from Twinkle and make her free form their marriage. Will Twinkle remove Yuvi from her life and move on with Kunj? Stay tuned for more updates on Tashan e Ishq.

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