Tashan e Ishq: Twinkle reveals Kunj and about her pregnancy after he acts cheap with her

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tashan e ishq

Tashan e Ishq: Twinkle (Jasmin Bhasin) shocked with Kunj’s (Naman Shaw) vulgar behavior

The upcoming episodes of Tashan e Ishq will show that Twinkle will finally reveal to Kunj about her pregnancy and how she lost her baby. Twinkle is desperate to make Kunj reveal his real identity and therefore she tortures and blackmails his family people.

Twinkle thinks that her actions will hurt Kunj and he will open up about his identity. However, Pallavi has made sure to warn Kunj about Twinkle’s efforts and therefore Kunj remains unaffected by all of Twinkle’s moves. Kunj thinks that his family has started hating Twinkle and now he will do such a thing that Leela will also begin to hate her own daughter. Kunj calls up Twinkle and asks her to meet him in his room if she wants to know his identity.

Yuvi warns Twinkle going all alone but Twinkle insists and Yuvi is hurt. Twinkle comes to Kunj’s room and Kunj caresses her face. Twinkle immediately remembers Kunj’s touch and hugs him. Twinkle remembers her romantic moments with Kunj in the past and gets emotional. However, Rocky aka Kunj tries to act vulgar with twinkle. Someone takes a video of Twinkle and Kun together and Twinkle realizes that Kunj is just trying to act cheap with her. Twinkle runs away from there being heartbroken by Kunj’s behavior.

It will now be seen that Kunj will try to humiliate Twinkle by trying to prove her characterless. However, Twinkle will slap Kunj and as she won’t be able to believe that her beloved husband has stooped down so low. Twinkle will make the big revelation to Kunj as she will tell him about her pregnancy and how she lost her baby. Kunj will be shocked hearing this and this will finally bring in some change in feelings in Kunj’s heart. Let’s wait and see whether Kunj finally reveals his identity knowing about his and Twinkle’s baby.

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