Tashan e Ishq: Twinkle to consume poison to make Rocky admit he is Kunj

Jul 21, 2016

Tashan e Ishq: Twinkle (Jasmin Bhasin) challenges Rocky that he will reveal his identity being Kunj (Naman Shaw)

Twinkle finally gets convinced of Rocky being none other than her beloved Kunj in the current track of Tashan e Ishq. Twinkle and Yuvi both start getting a doubt about Rocky’s identity and therefore Twinkle decides to confront Pallavi about it. However, Pallavi denies that this saying that she and Rocky are college lovers. Pallavi shows Twinkle a picture of herself and Rocky from her college days and Twinkle gets confused. However, Pallavi later reveals that the picture is of herself and her boyfriend who died. Pallavi gave her boyfriend’s face to Kunj but now she is in love with Kunj. Pallavi feels that if Kunj’s secret gets exposed then he will be away from her and she will not be able to bear this. On the other hand, Leela too come to know the truth about Rocky. However, Leela feels bad for Yuvi as she know that Yuvi loves Twinkle a lot and Kunj’s return will never allow Yuvi to get his love. However, Yuvi tells Leela that he is ready to sacrifice his love if Twinkle is happy being with her true love Kunj. Later, Twinkle makes a plan to expose Rocky’s identity and she does a fake drama about the house getting set of fire and Usha being trapped. Rocky reaches the house being worried for Usha and also calls her maa. Twinkle confronts Rocky and asks him to admit that he is Kunj. Twinkle tells Kunj that she has missed him a lot for so many years and also questions him about not returning to her earlier. Rocky denies being Kunj and tells Yuvi to handle his wife. It will now be seen that Twinkle will organize a party and will announce to everyone that rocky is Kunj. Twinkle will threaten to drink poison and will wait to see Rocky’s reaction to know whether he is Kunj or not. Will Rocky save Twinkle’s life? Will Twinkle get her beloved Kunj back? Stay tuned for more updates.

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