Tashan e Ishq: Unknown person trying to spoil Yuvi’s good image

Jul 11, 2016

Tashan e Ishq: Twinkle’s (Jasmin Bhasin) kidnapper aims as destroying Yuvi’s (Zain Imam) relationship with Sarna family

The current track of Tashan e Ishq shows that someone is trying to ruin Yuvi’s relation with Sarna family. Usha gets a letter and is surprised seeing that it is from Anita to Yuvi. The Usha comes to know through the letter that Yuvi met Anita the previous day and she could be involved in Twinkle’s kidnapping case. Usha , Bebee and Leela are surprised that Yuvi did not tell them the truth about meeting Anita.

When Yuvi come there, everyone starts questioning Yuvi and he says that he cannot reveal anything to them as yet till Twinkle is found. On the other hand, Yuvi gets a call from the blackmailer asking him to reach a red light area and get a police raid done out three. Yuvi finds his demands very strange but follows the orders for Twinklke’s sake. However, the twist takes place as Bebee is present in the red light area and when the police raid takes place, she too gets arrested. Bebee comes to know that Yuvi got the police raid done and blames him for trapping her.

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Bebee reveals that Anita asked her to come to the red light area with money and now Yuvi played a trick with her by getting her arrested. Yuvi tries to plead his innocence but Bebee loses trust on Yuvi completely. Later, both Bebee and Usha think that Yuvi backstabbed them although they treated him like a son for so many years. Usha asks Yuvi to leave their house but Leela supports Yuvi and takes him away from there.

It will now be seen that Yuvi will get the biggest shock when he will see everyone assuming Twinkle to be dead. Yuvi will reach Twinkle’s prayer meet where there will be a garland around her photo frame. Is Twinkle really dead or is someone playing a dirty trick with Yuvi to create more and more trouble for him? Let’s wait and watch

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