Tashan e Ishq: Yuvi and Twinkle catch Kunj burning the bed

Jun 27, 2016

Tashan e Ishq: Kunj (Naman Shaw) disappointed seeing family accepting Yuvi (Zain Imam) and as son and Twinkle (Jasmin Bhasin) forgetting Kunj

The current track of Tashan e Ishq shows that Kunj feels totally heartbroken seeing that his family has accepted Yuvi as their son. Kunj aka Rocky is invited by Yuvi to join the family for dinner. Bebee and Usha are excited to see Rocky and give him a grand welcome. Rocky feels nostalgic seeing his mother and grandmother showering love on him but he knows that they are in awe of him merely because of his celebrity status.

As Pallavi and Kunj join the family for dinner, Kunj retries to probe into Twinkle and Yuvi’s relationship. Bebee and Usha praise Yuvi and this irks Kunj further more. Kunj sees his own picture on the wall with a garland around it and decides to probe into it. Kunj aka Rocky asks the family about the person in the photo frame. Everybody suddenly gets sad as Rocky continuously asks questions about Kunj and his murder case.

Rocky also looks at Yuvi accusingly and Bebee tells him that there is no point in talking about the past as they have to move on. Kunj is shocked seeing that his family has completely forgotten his death and don’t want to remember anything about him and his past. However, Kunj is not aware that everyone is still shattered by his death news. Twinkle excuses herself and goes to her room and starts to cry hugging Kunj’s picture. Yuvi comes to Twinkle and begins to console her.

Kunj reaches there and sees Yuvi and Twinkle together and get furious. Kunj goes to his old room and notices that Yuvi has completely taken over his life. Yuvi lights a fire and burns Twinkle’s bed in anger. It will now be seen that Twinkle and Yuvi will be shocked seeing the burning bed and will immediately realize that Rocky is responsible for it. Let’s wait and see whether Twinkle and Yuvi will continue to work with Rocky after this incident.


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