Tashan e Ishq: Yuvi fans unhappy with his pairing with Simple

Sep 10, 2016


Tashan e Ishq: Yuvi’s (Zain Imam) pairing with Simple seems half-hearted in order to justify Kunj (Naman Shaw) and Twinkle’ (Jamsin Bhasin) reunion

Tashan e Ishq is drawing to an end and  it is quite clear the finale sequence of the how will have Kunj and Twinkle reuniting happily with one another while Yuvi too is happy finding love once again with another girl Simple. This may seem as a perfect end to the saga as all lead character will be shown happy in their own ways. However, there are still a lot of Yuvi fans out there who are deeply disappointed as the makers never gave Yuvi and Twinkle’s love story a chance to build up at all. When Kunj turned negative and Yuvi tuned positive, many Yuvi fans were looking forward to see Twinkle starting to have some feelings for Yuvi looking at his immense and dedicated love for her. As Twinkle and Yuvi were married to each other, one expected that there would be a phase where Twinkle would start seeing Yuvi as a husband and return his love and care. However, Yuvi’s character never got a fair chance and the makers of the show conveniently turned him into a negative character once again so that they could justify Twinkle and Kunj getting reunited. Now that the show is ending, the makers of TEI felt that instead of sidelining Yuvi completely, they should introduce his new love track with another girl. Therefore a new character named Simple Kaur is introduced on the show to become the new match for Yuvi. Simple’s entry is an effort by makers to give Yuvi a happy ending but this seems only like a halfhearted attempt to make Yuvi fans happy. So all the ardent Yuvi fans out there, do post in your comments and views on what you think about the makers not giving Yuvi and Twinkle’s love story a fair chance which it rightfully deserved.

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