Tashan e Ishq: Yuvi fans unhappy with his pairing with Simple

Sep 10 , 2016 | | 9 Comments


Tashan e Ishq: Yuvi’s (Zain Imam) pairing with Simple seems half-hearted in order to justify Kunj (Naman Shaw) and Twinkle’ (Jamsin Bhasin) reunion

Tashan e Ishq is drawing to an end and  it is quite clear the finale sequence of the how will have Kunj and Twinkle reuniting happily with one another while Yuvi too is happy finding love once again with another girl Simple.

This may seem as a perfect end to the saga as all lead character will be shown happy in their own ways. However, there are still a lot of Yuvi fans out there who are deeply disappointed as the makers never gave Yuvi and Twinkle’s love story a chance to build up at all. When Kunj turned negative and Yuvi tuned positive, many Yuvi fans were looking forward to see Twinkle starting to have some feelings for Yuvi looking at his immense and dedicated love for her.

As Twinkle and Yuvi were married to each other, one expected that there would be a phase where Twinkle would start seeing Yuvi as a husband and return his love and care. However, Yuvi’s character never got a fair chance and the makers of the show conveniently turned him into a negative character once again so that they could justify Twinkle and Kunj getting reunited. Now that the show is ending, the makers of TEI felt that instead of sidelining Yuvi completely, they should introduce his new love track with another girl.

Therefore a new character named Simple Kaur is introduced on the show to become the new match for Yuvi. Simple’s entry is an effort by makers to give Yuvi a happy ending but this seems only like a halfhearted attempt to make Yuvi fans happy. So all the ardent Yuvi fans out there, do post in your comments and views on what you think about the makers not giving Yuvi and Twinkle’s love story a fair chance which it rightfully deserved.

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9 thoughts on “Tashan e Ishq: Yuvi fans unhappy with his pairing with Simple”

  1. This show is so illogical and unbelievable!😨 Never seen such kind of heroine like twinkle ever before😨

    She dated Yuvi for 7yrs before narrying kunj! The girl showed no depth for Yuvi ever! She easily broke up with Yuvi 😨

    And then later after kunj died she yet showed no depth ulta ran after Yuvi and then she got married to Yuvi to take care of her n her unborn…

    Then they showed us that for 5yrs twinkle n yuvi lived as a good friends n she had lost her child…. so in total twinkle has spent almost half of her life with Yuvi and she still never fell for him?😨

    One big question i have “Did Twinkle ever love Yuvi?”

    Another thing after kunj came back as rocky it was Yuvi who helped Twinkle into proving that rocky is kunj…. then later Yuvi told Twinkle to divorce him and unite with kunj that time twinkle made a big issue and on the other hand Leela was unhappy with twiraj/yuvle divorce so she also encouraged Yuvi to fight for his love and try to win twinkle’s heart…

    So Yuvi started to compete with Kunj. He disguised himself as Jassi to be with her and try to find out whats in her heart.. but then after twinkle learns this she again insults Yuvi n unites with kunj😨

    And Kunj? Has he ever been polite with Yuvi? Yuvi is the guy who had looked after his family n twinkle for those 5yrs not even a thank you from him? Ulta he again preaches Yuvi😬but never followed his own preaches🙈

    And Leela conviniently forgot everything!😨Now she again hates Yuvi?😕 Does it make sense?

    And phirse Yuvi ko villain banna diya? Just to make Kunj hero they will forcefully make Yuvi villain? What kind of writing is this?

    Now TEI sucks! It just doesnt make sense! Overnight people change their colours😨 and they making Yuvi’s character shallow? How can he fall for a random girl suddenly after being in love with Twinkle for 13yrs?

    What a weak and illogical writing😠
    Since start Yuvi’s character made sense and had depth but now they spoiling Yuvi’s character also to cover up Twinkle’s shallowness and cheat

    Gross man! 😝😩😠👎

    1. Superb yaar . U speak logic. The director is a big dumb.Can’t see how viewers want to see twiraj. Uv even after not being the hero was equally loved by the people and twiraj Jodi is of course a hit,director use your common sense.

  2. They made every chrctr so shallow especially twinkle
    the only worth watching chrctr s of uv but writers r tht much out f mind they r on ther way to destroy it too…..
    they made twinkle fall in love 2 times how can this happen?
    n twinkle cheated on uv too after 7 yrs of relationship…is moving on s tht easy?
    n now as kunj s back so they made him _ve for no solid reason…ok grey shades does’nt matter but atleast they shuld hv shown some deepness…
    where they strted drama n wher they r ending
    n this new girl simple s really unacceptable…
    its better to make uv chrctr die instead of doing these shits…uv fans don’t need this ‘ihsaan’

  3. See first of all uv and twinkle never lived each other first twinkle love uv for 7 yrs but uv never leave loved her and a bonding was missed there then after that what she fell in love with kunj that was mutual and mature love, but uv become obsessed with twinkle it wasn’t love just he could not handle rejection, the uv and twinkle marriage was disaster n insult of love friendship and all, if after 5 years of friendship they would have done that it could be ok but they show everything in rush overnight wedding n all, that was worst part n becoming uv negative people s ok because it’s his nature but rather stupid simple they could have bring Maahi back that make more sense!!

    1. Yuvi’s character was a torn character… he loved twinkle truely in those 7yrs but he had not admitted it to himself…. bcoz his mum would often put pressure on him for revenge by physically mentally n emotionally torturing him… If he never loved twinkle then he would have easily taken his revenge on twinkle in those 7yrs.. its common sense lol

      Once kunj came in the picture, Yuvi became insecure and possessive. And seeing twinkle getting closer with kunj, it made it all worse for him… coz that time Yuvi’s mum Anita began to put more pressure on Yuvi….

      On one hand his love twinkle was going away from him and on the other hand his mum Anita kept on pushing Yuvi for revenge…. this led to Yuvi behaving irrationally n reacting badly….

      On the other hand twinkle moving on overnight just didnt make sense… i mean she had chased away 49 guys for Yuvi and did many vrats etc just to be with Yuvi….

      Instead of twinkle trying to understand Yuvi n his reaction’s reason she kept on fighting with Yuvi and to make it worse Kunj used to instigate Twinkle n Leela against Yuvi without kunj not knowing anything about Yuvi 😨

      Had they shown Twinkle broke up with Yuvi after learning Yuvi’s revenge plan then it would have made so much sense….

      But this show is a disaster😐😑 just compare twinkle with Sona of KRPKAB….

      Sona still cares n feels pain of Dev after breaking up with him… remember what twinkle did? She kept on insulting Yuvi n never felt his pain for once😨

      Instead twinkle behaved as though Yuvi’s love was one sided!😑😩😝

      Honestly only character that made sense n was deep was of Yuvi…

      But now the writers are on a mission to spoil every character and make it illogical!

      The show’s story changed overnight! This is so clear when we look at the promos of TEI before it went onair and the fact that Yuvi n Twinkle are featured in the title track “bas itni si”

      Oh waise this is the first show that forgot its own title track 😂

      What a khichdi makers have made👏 kudos😀

  4. The marriage of uv and twinkle didn’t happen over night. It happened after twinkle accepted uv as her best friend and after they had nice sweet moments as best friends so the writers did obviously develop a little hope of uv and twinkle right after kunj was decanted death. The story makes no sense regardless. but it is what it is because it’s over. I stopped watching ever since uv turned negative again. Illogical story.

  5. absolutely disaster ending for TEI,and Yuvi chacter ,what makers thought about Yuvi ,Yuvi positive hero ,but with knjs entery negative villain.this show start with Twinkle Yuvraj luv story showed so much depth luv of Yuvle,start of d show as yuvi madly luv twinkle twinkle also said her life only luv one boy dt is Uv,but with knj chacter entery everything mixed up but yuvi fans didn’t stop watching tei cuz they believe that it is yuvrajtwinkle unique luv story d will unite.twinkle so esly forget yuvi luv ok Uv became bad boy but 1st luv so esly 4get.if some one said twinkle for Uv was immture in show child hood luv show is immature or luv marriage is immature only arrenge marriage is true luv.ok 1st Uv madly luv twinkle but yuvi turne posstive like a miture luver truly luv twinkle.he said to twinkle world will remember that dr ws a luver dt madly luv u, knew meaning of luv from twinkle.than cuz of yuvitwinkle knj again married cuz of him unite.after knj death Yuvi & Yuvle fans hope again rise YuviTwinkle will b 4ever cuz new knj as negative chacter enteryd , show dt yuvi gave whole life 4 twinkle and sarnas family every one luv him . yuvi fans & viewers enjoing watch this changes of yuvi &yuvitwinkle adorable pair.but again story mixed up knj hero twinkle again with knj so esly 4get her 5yrs marriage relation with yuvi looks so cheap she was still yuvi wife but with knj & yuvi again villain uv from ture luver agin becam madluver .this story just looks disaster unacceptable by viewres and yuvi fans seems so clear yuvi hero when knj came yuvi villain its so unfair .also less screen space 4 yuvi(Zain) which TEI 80% watch for yuvi & yuvitwinkle but no don’t know what problems have with yuvitwinkle pair this time didn’t make pair of yuvle didn’t go with dr luvstory show got lowset trp then news came that TEI off air.end unite knjtwinkle ,1st new came Uv with pallavi, good not happen this agin new came Uv with adrer girl simple looks sound just impossible yuvi luv 4 twinkle how jusr few epi change,its totally unacceptable 2 unite knj twinkle ,make uv pair with each girl nonsense ,basd on yuvi mad ture luver chacter ,at lest at end YuviTwinkle should unite If cant its better that yuvi die at end but with athert girl just make joke of yuvi luv and big tortuer for yuvi fans cuz yuvi fans for one yr wait that yuvi twinkle at end will unite cuz start tei with them we have seen so much pain deep in uv luv for twinkle end should YuviTwinkle unite if don’t plz plz request makers die uv at end cuz yuvi luv should always remain 4 twinkle yuvi mad depth luver charcter attiude should be maintain that will be better end for Tei and our yuvi .happy ending of yuvi should be only with twinkle if with Simple its truly bad sad ending for yuvi & yuvi fans so if cant unite yuvi twinkle yuvi fans wan yuvi death at end plz at end be fair with yuvi and yuvi fans listen 2 yuvi fans wishes plz…

  6. They made every chrctr so shallow especially twinkle the only worth watching chrctr s of uv but writers r tht much out f mind they r on ther way to destroy it too….. they made twinkle fall in love 2 times how can this happen? n twinkle cheated on uv too after 7 yrs of relationship…is moving on s tht easy? n now as kunj s back so they made him _ve for no solid reason…ok grey shades does’nt matter but atleast they shuld hv shown some deepness… where they strted drama n wher they r ending n this new girl simple s really unacceptable… its better to make uv chrctr die instead of doing these shits…uv fans don’t need this ‘ihsaan’

  7. YuviTwinkle marriage 5yrs marrige relation showed the purty of luv & true pure luve respect of of yuvi for twinkle , some one are actulay blind 2 such luv called insult sound just so cheap. know in marriage relation more dn luv friendship and trust is important which we also see this in yuvitwinkle marriage relations ,which nvr was btw knj twinkle relation ,knjs always doubt twinkle ,if twinkle knj was miture what about knjs cheap actions did with twinkle,knj was miture good Mahan person still why did such wores actios.ok we accept uv also did but it was in mad luv for twinkle uv jealous what his mom told him we have seen dt in each serials and show when hero see his luv with some one else feel jealouse in such situation in madness did some actions . shortly truth is dt yuvi uv for twinkle was so depth and pure full f pain and emotions which we luv this unique attitude of uv luv ,on ather hand be fair we have nvr seen purty deepness in knj luv just was like time pass and forcing cheap romance with twinkle which for this don’t called luv .we don’t said ds from our side it showed .. so basd on yuvi luv yuvi twinkle should unite trude luv should win nt cheap luv .if makers don’t wan ds plz die yuvi as true luver of twinkle that will be win of yuvi luv ,but don’t pair yuvi with ather girl then wil be totally yuvi luv lost .

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