Tashan e Ishq: Yuvi proposes his love to Twinkle making her shocked

Jul 03, 2016

Tashan e Ishq: Twinkle (Jasmin Bhasin) still in love with Kunj (Naman Shaw) and confused by Yuvi’s (Zain Imam) love confession

The upcoming episodes of Tashan e Ishq will show that Yuvi will finally take a plunge and confess is feelings to Twinkle although he knows that she still loves Kunj. Leela encourages Yuvi not to keep his feelings to himself and tell Twinkle about it. Leela feels that Yuvi’s love will be able to make Twinkle come out of Kunj’s memories so that she can move on in life. Yuvi gets determined to tell Twinkle about his true feelings for her.

On the other hand, Kunj makes sure to torture Twinkle more and more so that she recalls all the past memories of herself and Kunj. In Kunj’s party, Twinkle gets intoxicated after Kunj spikes her drink. A dance troop performs an act which reminds Twinkle of her past memories with Kunj. Twinkle thinks that someone is playing dirty games with her trying to make her recall her past. Twinkle gets unconscious because of the effect of the drink and Kunj carries her and brings her back home.

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Leela and Yuvi are tensed seeing Twinkle’s condition. Leela once gain encourages Yuvi not to not keep his feelings hidden from Twinkle and tell her whatever is in his heart. Yuvi thinks to surprise Twinkle with coffee and flowers and Twinkle feels happy seeing Yuvi’s efforts. Yuvi keeps telling Twinkle to focus on him but Twinkle does not understand his words.

It will now be seen that Yuvi will decide to stop beating around the bush and will directly tell Twinkle about his feelings. Yuvi will remind Twinkle that they married each other against their will but now he is accepting her as his wife wholeheartedly. Twinkle is still in love with Kunj and gets tensed hearing Yuvi’s words. Will Twinkle be able to move on from Kunj   and love Yuvi the way he loves her? Let’s wait and watch.

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