Tere Bin 22nd July 2016 written episode written update

Jul 21, 2016

Tere Bin 22nd July 2016 written episode written update starring Gaurav Khanna, Shefali Sharma and Khushboo Tawde

Vijaya tells Nandini that the contract papers are ready and Nandini signs them without reading. Nandini is in the parking lot and Akshay reaches there. Akshay holds Nandini’s hands and tells her that he wants to explain why he could not meet her. Nandini does not want to hear out Akshay telling him that he betrayed her and never even tried to get in touch with her for 8 years. Akshay says that he is ready to apologize to her as many times as she wants but Nandini says that his apologizes will not resolve the matter. Nandini reaches home and thinks about the time when Akshay had confessed to her that he always wanted her to be his girlfriend. Nandini also confesses to him that she used to come to the coffee house just to see him. Flashback ends and Nandini’s boyfriend calls her up. Nandini’s boyfriend is in a cab and the cab driver asks him whether he is talking to his wife or girlfriend and he confesses that he does not know their exact relationship. Akshay and Vijaya come back home and Neeti tells Akshay to take her for ice cream as she fared well in her exam. Vijaya forbids Neeti from eating ice cream as her exams are not over as yet. Akshay promises Neeti that he will bring ice cream for her. Nandini makes roti and she remembers the time that she and Akshay were together in a dhaba and ate rotis together. The lady in Dhaba had blessed the two of them calling them and ideal pair. Nandini comes out of her flashback and sees that he roti has burnt. Vijaya tells Akshay that she made Nandini sign one year contract with them Akshay gets angry and Vijaya explains that Nandini is well qualified. Akshay calms down but continues to be tensed.


Vijaya tells Akshay that she will cancel Nandini’s contract and Akshay says no need for it.

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