Tere Bin latest news: Nandini turns out to be Akshay’s first wife

Jul 19, 2016

Tere Bin latest news: Vijaya (Shefali Sharma) remains unware about Akshay (Gaurav Khanna) and Nandini’s (Khushboo Tawde) past relation

& TV’s new show Tere Bin is showing lead character Akshay being in a dilemma as his past life and old memories get revived with the entry of Dr. Nandini. Nandini has been employed by Akshay’s wife Vijaya as the new anesthetist in their nursing home and Akshay gets into a big emotional turmoil as he meets Nandini again after so many years. Viewers slowly come to know that Akshay and Nandini were deeply in love in their college days and could not live without each other. The flashback sequence is shown where  a shocking revelation is made that Akshay and Nandini had got married to each other in a temple. However, Nandini had decided to go to Chicago for further education and Akshay was upset about this. Akshay is shown to be miffed about Nandini’s decision as he cannot live without her few moments and she was planning to go away from him for two years. As the flashback end it become clear that Nandini and Akshay got separated as she decided to go away choosing her career over her relationship. However, in the present day, Nandini does not want to be associated with Akshay at all and also has a boyfriend named Irfan. On the other hand, Vijaya is happy to employ Nandini but is still unaware about her husband’s past connections with her. Let’s wait and see how Nandini reacts once she knows the truth. Stay tuned for more updates on Tere Bin.

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