Tere Bin: Nandini assumes Neeti to be Akshay’s daughter

Jul 28, 2016

Tere Bin: Nandini (Khushboo Tawde) hurt seeing Akshay (Gaurav Khanna) has happy married life with Vijaya (Shefali Sharma) and Neeti

The upcoming episodes of Tere Bin will show Nandini coming across Neeti not being aware that she is Vijaya and Akshay daughter. Nandini has deep bitterness in her heart for Akshay as she thinks that he betrayed her by marrying Vijaya and breaking the promises that he had made to her in their college days. However, Nandini is not aware about the circumstances under which Akshay had to marry Vijaya. The truth slowly gets revealed that Akshay had to marry Vijaya as she had got pregnant with his friend Nilesh’s child before the two could get married. However, Nilesh lost his life and Akshay had to marry Vijaya to spare her from getting tormented by society. Akshay sacrificed his love for Nandini in order to help Vijaya and be a father for her child. On the other hand, Vijaya is also not aware about the history between Nandini and Akshay and thinks of her just being a doctor in her nursing. The upcoming episodes of Tere Bin will show Nandini seeing Neeti lost somewhere and will offer to drop her home. Nandini will get a big shock knowing that Neeti is Vijaya and Akshay’s daughter. A new misunderstanding will crop up in Nandini’s mind seeing Neeti and she will think that Akshay is leading a happy married life. Let’s wait and see whether Akshay is able to clear up Nandini’s doubts and explain the truth about him being Neeti’s adoptive father. Stay tuned for more updates on & TV’s show Tere Bin.

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