Tere Bin: Nandini sad knowing marriage is not in her destiny

Jul 21, 2016

Tere Bin: Akshay (Gaurav Khanna) tries to resolve past problem with Nandini (Khushboo Tawde) but she is not willing for it

The upcoming episodes of & TV’s new show Tere Bin will show that Akshay will try his best to resolve matters with Nandini but she will not be ready to listen to him. Akshay is disturbed seeing Nandini back in his life and all his past memories get revived once again. Nandini too is hurt seeing Akshay once again and recalls all the time that they had spent together in their past days. Nandini finds the green bangles in the cupboard and remembers the time that she and Akshay had bought them together. However, the bangle lady had told Nandini that she does not have marriage in her destiny and Nandini was upset hearing this. Nandini thinks that the lady was indeed right as she was never able to marry Akshay as he married someone else. Nandini also feels hurt thinking about her current boyfriend as she does not share the same love and affection with him as she did with Akshay. Nandini decides to take up the job in Akshay’s nursing home and also has a meeting with him. Akshay is hurt seeing Nandini behaving curtly with him. Akshay tells Nandini that he wants to talk to her and explain everything about the past but Nandini is not ready to hear him out. Nandini feels that Akshay betrayed him and married Vijaya despite of their undying love for each other. The upcoming episode will reveal the circumstances that led to Akshay marrying Vijaya and why he gave up his love to marry someone else. Stay tuned for more interesting updates on Tere Bin.

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