Tere Bin: Triangle love story amid Vijaya, Akshay and Nandini

Jul 17, 2016

Tere Bin latest news: Vijaya (Shefali Sharma) and Akshay (Gaurav Khanna) loveless marriage gets rocked with re-entry of Nandini (Khushboo Tawde)

& TV is all set to present a new complex and mature love story of a married couple who have been together for many years but lack the deep feeling of love between them. Actress Shefali Sharma is at the helm of this love drama as she plays the role of a wife who is trapped in a loveless marriage and monotonous life. Shefali’s character Vijaya seems to have a perfect married life with well settled husband, kids, comfort etc. but is still unhappy as there is love missing in her life.

Playing the role of Shefali’s husband is actor Gaurav Khanna whose character Akshay is bound by his past and is not able to move ahead into the future. Akshay is also reeling in the same pain of a loveless marriage like his wife but does nothing much to change the situation and make it better.

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Although Akshay and Vijaya seem to have gotten used to their loveless marriage, a big storm enters their life as someone from their past returns to create havoc in their so called happy married life.  Actress Khushboo Tawde plays the third angle of this love saga and her character Nandini holds the answers for the troubles in Akshay and Vijaya’s married life. Nandini’s return will unleash the past truth which had been covered up for so many years by Akshay and Vijaya and this will form the crux of the story. 

Tere Bin will be telecast on & TV and will air from Monday to Friday at 8 PM from 18th July 2016 onwards. Stay tuned to this space to get more interesting updates and spoilers for the news show Tere Bin.

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