Thapki Pyaar Ki: Bauji’s real culprit is family member

May 20, 2016

Thapki Pyaar Ki: ward boy reveals to Bihaan (Manish Goplani) and Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) that Bauji’s real enemy is a person from their family

The upcoming episodes of Thapki Pyaar Ki have some high intensity drama in store for viewers with the family finally realizing that Bihaan is not the real culprit for trying to kill Bauji. Thapki gets the DVD which has the video evidence to save Bihaan. Thapki gets trapped by goons who demand the DVD. Dhruv gets his hands on the DVD and proves to his family that Thapki was right all along in supporting Bihaan. Vasundara feels guilty that she did not trust Bihaan although she has raised him up but Thapki has trust in him. Thapki gets trapped by the goons but Dhruv reaches there to save her. Very soon it will be seen that Thapki will be able to prove in court that Bihaan is innocent and the man had taken disguise of ward boy to kill Bauji. The ward boy will also confess his his crime that he had attacked Bauji and later also tried to kill Thapki because she came to know his truth. Bihaan will be happy getting cleared of the charges against him. However, Bihaan will get furious with the ward boy for trying to harm Bauji and Thapki. The ward boy will attempt to harm Thapki again but Bihaan will snatch a gun from an inspector and will get Thapki freed from the man. However, the ward boy will bring out another shocking revelation as he will earn Thapki and Bihaan that the real culprit for Bauji’s attack is in their house. Bihaan and Thapki will be puzzled by the ward boy’s warning words and will try to find out the truth. Who is the real culprit attacking Bauji? Will Thapki and Bihaan be able to catch the real culprit within the family? Stay in tune to get more exciting updates for Thapki Pyaar Ki.

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