Thapki Pyaar Ki: Thapki doubts Dhruv's intentions towards her

Jul 02, 2016

Thapki Pyaar Ki Upcoming: Shraddha to support Dhruv for kidnapping Thapki and later in covering up, Thapki to get suspicious

The upcoming episode of Colors’ show Thapki Pyaar Ki will feature Shraddha (Monica Khanna) siding Dhruv (Ankit Bathla) against Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) and Bihaan (Manish Goplani). Evil Shraddha joins hands with Dhruv as Dhruv wants to break Thapki and Bihaan. Dhruv wants Thapki back in his life while Thapki and Bihaan are in love with each other and want to be together forever.

Dhruv gets restless and decides to leave no stone unturned to bring Thapki back in his life. Hence Dhruv has turned a bad man and is creating trouble amid Thapki and Bihaan. Dhruv gets help of Shraddha, who has always been against Thapki. In the upcoming episode of Thapki Pyaar Ki Dhruv will be seen kidnapping Thapki in connivance with Shraddha. Sharaddha will support Dhruv in front of Pandey family and Bihaan.

The upcoming episode of Thapki Pyaar Ki will show Dhruv getting furious over Thapki – Bihaan’s ongoing wedding ceremonies. Dhruv loses his cool and decides to trap Thapki to kidnap her. Dhruv tells Thapki that Bihaan is in danger and takes her to secluded place. Thapki gets confused and worried but Bihaan reaches there just in time with family. Thapki holds Bihaan close while Bihaan and Pandey family get angry with Dhruv.

Shraddha will side Dhruv by saying kidnapping Thapki was the plan for scaring Bihaan on his bachelors’ party. Shraddha tells everyone that she and Dhruv had made the plan to kidnap Thapki to create fun. Shraddha will tell Bihaan that during Dhruv and Thapki’s wedding too, Thapki was kidnapped by Bihaan during Dhruv’s bachelors’ party.

Thapki, however, will doubt Shraddha’s explanation and Dhruv’s intentions. She will talk her doubt out to Bihaan. Bihaan will promise Thapki to be vigilant against Dhruv and Shraddha.

Will Thapki and Bihaan come to know Dhruv’s real intentions? To know stay tuned to read our more updates on Thapki Pyaar Ki.

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